How To Get Ready For The Upcoming First Contact

The first contact with higher-dimensional beings will take place very shortly.
Undoubtedly, this is fantastic news for us all. Very soon, the first contact with beings from higher dimensions will occur. Be prepared for this exciting occasion.
It is an opportunity for our enlightenment to escape this three-dimensional prison and enter the fifth dimension, so there is no need to be afraid.
Both the source and you will become one. It marks the triumph of light. How should you be ready for this celestial meeting?
First of all, you need to ask yourself a question: What do I want? And secondly, do not forget that at this moment, we are in contact with Source energy, and this energy will help us make a decision about our life and its purpose.
The higher-dimensional beings are coming in peace because they have seen our suffering and want to help us. They are not here for war or conquest but only to share their gifts with us.
To prepare for this first contact, you need to understand that there are many different types of higher-dimensional beings. Some of them are benevolent, and some of them are malicious. You need to choose the right one and ask for their help.
The most important thing is that you need to stay calm and collected when they come into contact with you. Do not let them see your fear or any other emotions that could affect their actions towards you or your society in general.
You can ask them if they can make physical contact with you personally or through an energy field around you.
When the higher-dimensional beings come, they will unite with us and lead us into a new era of light, love, and peace! We must all be ready for this.
The first step in this preparation is to fully understand what is happening. The most important thing is to remember that we are on the verge of ascension. Many people may not know about this event, but it is happening nonetheless.
This can happen any time soon if we keep our focus on the highest good of all beings in this world and if we keep our chakras open for the influx of positive energy from higher dimensions.
We need to always remember that there are many worlds beyond our own physical dimension, and each world has its own laws and rules that govern its existence and evolution on this planet Earth as well as other planets within our solar system.
The most important thing is to love ourselves unconditionally, accept ourselves exactly as we are right now at this moment in time, and always continue moving forward towards our full potential along with all other sentient beings on Earth, including animals (and also non-sentient beings such as trees, plants, etc.).
Time is short, and you have little time to prepare for this event. To get ready for this contact, you need certain skills and qualities, including:
Knowledge of yourself and your abilities;
Recognizing your true life purpose;
The ability to communicate with higher-dimensional beings in a clear manner (especially by using symbols);
An open mind and willingness to learn something new;
Patience: understanding how long it takes for things to happen;
All that matters is your faith, trust, and belief in yourself!
Prepare yourself with love and joy:
Prepare to meet your higher self in a new way, as a being of light, as part of creation and life itself. You are going to receive all your questions and doubts as they are answered by your true inner self. Prepare yourself with love and joy because this is how we receive our answers from within us.
Prepare yourself spiritually:
Prepare yourself spiritually because you will be able to connect with the source of life itself in its purest form, which will give you access to higher dimensions of reality where only divine beings dwell. Prepare yourself spiritually because when you enter into higher dimensions of reality, it is necessary for you to become more aware of who you are—your true inner self—so that it can come through in all its glory.
The impending first contact is an opportunity for our cosmic zoom.
It is a great gift to meet the source of our being and all its potential. It is a moment that marks the beginning of our evolution when we can return to seeing ourselves the way we truly are.
This is a time for transformation; this is the gestation period of our next life. Now is the time to transcend and evolve. It’s time to move. Follow your intuition and flow with the cosmos!
We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.
We are the Galactic Federation.
Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

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