How to find a UFO at Area 51 using Google Earth Map

The following video actually shows you a step-by-step tutorial that indicates how you can find this massive UFO at Area 51 yourself.

The video centers around Area S4, a strange part of Area 51 that has changed a lot over the years. At the beginning of the video, the author indicates that you can actually see the progression of this change and how although everything has changed over the years here this UFO has always remained the same.

At first, we get to see a tracking shot from 1998. Here you can see Area S4 as just a couple of small-sized buildings and this strange object in the middle, hidden underneath a makeshift rooftop. Then, in the video, you are told to go as far forwards as 2002, and as you can see everything changed but the UFO’s location.

The years 2006 and 2019 ensue and the same strange object can be observed on camera. What this shows is that although they’ve changed the site around a lot over the years, they’ve never changed the UFO because they’re most likely still trying to reverse-engineer it.

The toughest part about inspecting a UFO is the dangerous technology onboard and the anti-theft features that many experts have reported over the years. Many people have lost their lives in Area 51 trying to pilot these UFOs. The video is made by UFO Sightings Daily and it’s definitely worth a watch if you want to find out more about the UFOs in Area 51.

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