How does genetic engineering work?

A few decades ago, if someone had told us computers would take over almost everything from shopping to the stock market and that millions of people would be connected via a certain kind of web and would use a handheld device with which we can do so many things, most of us would probably laugh at it. However, the science fiction of yesterday has become the reality of today, and thanks to the recent developments in genome manipulation, we are at a similar point right now with genetic engineering. Humans have been engineering life since the old times. Through selective breeding, we were able to turn bananas with thick skin and big seeds into sweet and easy-to-peel cultivated bananas. Although humankind was quite good at this process, we did not fully understand how it worked until the discovery of DNA, i.e code of life. Information that makes us who we are, is encoded into DNA. Change the DNA or its structure, you change the being carrying it. Thanks to a new technology called CRISPR, the situation has changed and genetic manipulation seems much more feasible. With the use of this new technology, we have the potential to change our lives forever. Genetic engineering is not a new concept to humans but the recent developments in the area have the potential to change human life just like computers did in the past decades. If you would like to know more about the subject and are looking for answers to questions such as “What is CRISPR,” “when was CRISPR invented,” and “how does CRISPR work?”, this video is a great way to satisfy your curiosity.



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