History Channel Found Evidence That Aliens Might Have Encoded Messages into Our DNA

Many theorists all around the globe believe the fact that the answer behind whether we are alone in the universe resides inside of our own DNA and that we’ve always had the answers we wanted at our fingertips.

Theorists believe that aliens have already arrived on our planet and that they’ve already left us at the same time. They left off plenty of clues along the way which proves this.

These same theorists believe that they will return once we’ve fully achieved our ultimate potential, as they laid out the grains for our evolution to take place and are now just waiting patiently for us to reach that point.

Ancient origins are amongst these believers, as they claim that this is not a new theory by any means.

They talked about how in 2013 two of the scientists that worked with the Fesenkov Astrophysical Institute in Kazakhstan already supported this theory in the past, publishing a paper in the journal Icarus in which they claimed that our mere DNA might provide proof of this.

This was none other than the world-famous physicist Vladimir Sherbak and astrobiologist Maxim Makukov as they claimed that we were all created in another star system to be brought here hundreds of millions of years ago.

This idea is known as the Panspermia, and it has been rising in popularity ever since James Crick, the co-founder of the History Channel brought it up.

The two wrote their paper based on the repeating numerical patterns in our code which seem to point out the fact that the number 37 keeps on repeating.

We don’t know for sure what the number might mean, but it could be pointing towards our own genesis as far as we know.

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