Hermaphroditic Aliens Reveal There Was 2nd Jesus & More Unknown Human History – Thiaoouba Prophecy

Podcast guest 546 is Samuel Chong, certified court interpreter and Chinese translator living in Los Angeles who arranged for the Chinese publication of Michel Desmarquet’s book Thiaoouba Prophecy: The golden planet. Samuel describes his original life-changing encounter with Desmarquet’s book, prompting him to make the journey twice to Vietnam in order to meet Desmarquet. This resulted in a close working relationship that eventually led to the Chinese publication. Desmarquet describes how he was abducted by very kind and attractive, 8-foot tall, hermaphroditic, humanoid aliens and taken to their advanced planet. The general (albeit not specific) features of Desmarquet’s story, factually true or not, are consistent with many similar accounts by other supposed UFO contactees. This book happens to have been a #1 bet seller in Tawian and a best seller in China.



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