Heaven On Earth Is Here Now


The Golden Age of Enlightenment is here. Although Heaven has truly always been a part of us, it has never been as available as it is now. As a matter of fact, this energy is so prevalent; it has become a mandate. The crystal structures that hold the destiny for our planet are intact after eons of damage. This beautiful, light energy of Love is the plan for our planet and our Universe.

Sometimes referred to as the Aquarian Age or the Fifth Sun, we have entered a time period when this paradigm shift is imminent. This period of time is the gateway to ascension and we will soon be able to enjoy peace on Earth, but there is work to be done. While the energy shift is one part of the equation; we humans are the other part of the equation. We need to activate our light bodies and vibrate in a higher frequency in order to cooperate with this energy. It is up to us to go deep into our being in order to birth the changes. Change can be a bit messy, but the sooner we get through it, the better.

We need to look deeper; we need to feel deeper; we need to live with a greater sense of meaning and purpose. Without going into the depths of our being, there is no Heaven – just the temporal. The magic begins when we step into the eternal side of life. We also need to get back to connecting with nature and the nature spirits. As we do so, we will learn how to heal our ecosphere. Each of us played a part in creating discordant energies and each of us will play a part in the healing of all of the systems – great and small.

“We are the change agents, the catalysts, and the bridge.”

There are countless spiritual teachings in addition to countless ways of crunching the numbers, but we may begin by acknowledging that our planet has been under construction for some 4.5 billion years. The Universe as we know it has been evolving even longer than our planet. Upon studying the history of the natural development thereof, the wisdom and patience that it took to bring this amazing creation into fruition should humble even the most arrogant of souls. It is a most amazing time to be alive. While we work through some of the messes we created, we need to take the time to look at the pure splendor of this majestic planet.

In order for humanity to incarnate here, we had to arrive in organic form because this energy is continually being created and re-created. In order to work within the natural laws of Gaia, we have inhabited an animal-like body with a bit of tweaking to allow for the maximum flexibility in expression of spirit. Living as spirit beings in organic human bodies has been challenging and it has been a part of our evolution as a species.

This inherent disposition for humanity has been a struggle and we have created karma. Karma is anything that is not in accordance with God’s will or God’s plan for this planet. We need to forgive others and ourselves for our humanness. It has gotten pretty ugly at times and we have also become hosts for dark energies in the process. We can be done with this now. Our causal bodies, DNA and chakra systems keep all of the evolutionary information we need to reincarnate effectively each time and not repeat things. If we fix things now, we will carry the corrections into subsequent incarnations. DNA changes as we change and we pass this on to future generations.

We are at the end of a karmic cycle, so it follows that it is time to clear up our karma before we move into the new cycle. In addition to clearing up our karma, we are dealing with dark forces and trickster energies, which will require us to learn how to read and deal with subtle energies in a very efficient way. Many who attempt to rise find that dark forces will try to impede their success. Persistence is tantamount to breaking through. We must cease becoming victims of the fear mongers. Many dramas are playing out as we become aware of that which needs to leave our collective consciousness.

While there is debate over how long we as humans have been evolving here, it has not been long in comparison to the big picture. Some say it has been 26,000-years and others say it is more or less. Actually, it is more likely that human like beings have evolved and devolved during varying periods throughout time. During this time period, we can apply what we have learned and correct our course with accumulated wisdom.

“The human creative cycle and integration period have come to a point where we have to rapidly clear up our past and align with our true nature. ”

As Earth has evolved, we as expressions of God have also evolved through time. We have evolved physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Our technology has evolved to the point where we don’t have to put as much of our energy into survival as we did in prior times.

Although it may not appear at times to be the case, we are finally at Heaven’s door, the overwhelming majority of humans ready to move into a new paradigm of peace and Love. It is going to get easier to live here as we move on.

“We may refer to the new energy as the Golden Age, the Aquarian Age, the Fifth Dimension, or the Fifth Sun”

We need to learn how to live together in a state of peace and Love. In 1 John 4:16, The Holy Bible says: …”God is Love. Whoever lives in Love lives in God, and God in Him.”

Alana Kay, Heaven is Here: Our Ascent into the Fifth Dimension

Artist: @society6



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