Harry Drew, Kingman, AZ UFOs

Jan 5, 2017
Alejandro Rojas with the news, Guest Harry Drew talks about what he has uncovered about the purported Kingman, Arizona Crash of 1953 with his six years of research as a historian.
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1 thought on “Harry Drew, Kingman, AZ UFOs”

  1. Kingman UFO crash and or landing
    In May 1953, Our family was traveling to Oklahoma from Los Angeles and camping
    along the way. We stoped at a gas station and or cafe and was granted permission to camp in their parking lot. The road was southeast of Kingman at a tee where two roads met.
    After dinner we saw a cigar shaped aircraft going southeast . It was about 300 yard away at about 90 off the ground and was moving silent, The aircraft had a blue glow around it.

    Gary Winfrey


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