Gosta Carlsson Develops Pharmaceutical Companies Following Meeting With Aliens

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Whatever the authenticity of the claims of Swedish ice hockey player Gosta Carlsson, a location in the town of Angelholm now boasts a concrete memorial to the affair.

Carlsson claimed that while he was walking in the country in May 1946, he witnessed a strange saucer-shaped craft landing in a nearby field. Furthermore, the occupants of the craft ventured outside and communicated with him, even passing on natural remedy recipes.

So valuable was this meeting that Carlsson would go on to found two pharmaceutical companies. He was ultimately very successful and went on to become the owner of the first professional ice hockey team in Sweden. All of this success, according to Carlsson, was down to the chance meeting with extraterrestrials that afternoon in Angelholm.

Needless to say, many people, even in the UFO community, struggle to believe his story, at least in full. Whether his account is true or not, the monument is one of only two pertaining to UFO incidents in all of Europe, the other one being in Poland to mark the Emilicin encounter.


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