Galactic June Update


Join us as Aurora goes live giving a Galactic and energy June update. These times have been hard for us let’s join together and keep on rising. The key to soul rejuvenation sacred teachings of Egypt and Essenes. Alchemizing our environment, working with the shadow and self healing for the collective. The number 6666 what it really means through alchemy. How to work and heal fear, working with our individual timelines and the collective. Questions Answered: So am I understanding this correctly, if we choose in this timeline NOT To CONSENT it heals multiple timelines of ourselves? Saw an article about our sun doing something this winter and they are predicting coldest winter. any word on this? For people who are sun sensitive what do you advise? How will this impact the civil unrest going on in Minneapolis due to the police killing protester/advocate and in other cities around the world? I’m in Minneapolis now and it’s been challenging to maintain high vibrations. For people who are sun sensitive what do you advise? The Schumann Resonance peaked at 150 a couple days ago..any thoughts on that? Do they want to say anything about the large ships that are blocking sunlight and everyone are getting pictures of ? Would we consider this soft disclosure? Is the reincarnation mechanism still in place? I was having a conversation with Dolores Cannon. Prior to I was thinking a lot about learning QHHT. Dolores kept mentioning how her last name is related to the word STONE… ​she kept repeating it and I’m wondering what this meant for me or the collective? Apparently there was a UFO crash in Brazil, is the government  trying to cover this up? any info? will we see ET’s in 2020? It can be difficult for some to reconcile that Trump is working with the light after all that he has seemingly said and done in the past. Could we please expand on this? Especially regarding his relationship with Epstein and his comments about women.

Unconditional love. The road we all get to walk. Unconditional love is like the sun.


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