Ashtar Command: We are already present in all regions of the Earth; Powerful Guidelines

Hello dear ones, I am Ashtar and I am an etherical being. Traveling through the star lines. With the Lightships of the Ashtar Command.

We are traveling with the Light and beyond. Also, we are moving ourselves with the speed of Light. People of the Earth, you will too in your future. Traveling will be easy and smooth, relaxing and really fast. The power that you will use is clean (pure light) energy. The earth will change and purify through the Light and the power of love.Hello dear ones, I am Ashtar and I am an etherical being. Traveling through the star lines. With the Lightships of the Ashtar Command.

So who is Ashtar?

Well I am 7.2 feet long; I have blond hair, blue eyes and full of love. Sometimes I am a little direct. People of the Earth you need that now and then, because most of the time you don’t hear us clearly enough. So yes, then we must be a little strong in our Light power. But we also like to play in a loving way with you, because humans are so serious and always thinking about difficulties and that closed your hearts. We like to have open heart contact.

I have been given the command of the Ashtar Command Fleet, but I also have the direction of many other Fleets of the Light from different Star nations of the Galactic Federation. Chief Command is Lord Sananda and his Lightship New Jerusalem is under His leading command. The word Command means: “in command of God”. The greatest and loving power of the universe.

I’m a being of love

Also like my Star brothers and sisters, we are in this higher resonance, because there is the love we car for. Now We care for you and the planet Earth. So let’s join together for a better future of love. Be part of a unique evolution.

We serve the Lord Sananda and We’re all serving the Father/Mother our God. And the universal law: The Law of One.


We volunteer to the Law of One

The science on earth will soon lift up. Maybe you can’t believe this, but it will happen. Things happened this year, for you people of the earth, now in little steps, but it contains big changes for the nearby future. In no time they shall explode to a shape of possibilities into your world. The scientists on earth will receive important solutions for their problems. The missing links are already received on the 4th of July 2012. But there will be more interesting discoveries coming up.


Be alert! Because it go fast, if it starts it goes really fast. In a speed of time you can’t understand. Because, your minds can not follow it. Just in a blink of the eye, it will change that quickly. We are involved in this radical fluctuation. We, the People of the Star Nations are guiding this jump of evolution. Nothing will stand between this. As a little snowball starts to roll on the top of a mountain it can’t be stopped, till it will end as a very big snowball below at the feet of this mountain. A new vibration is born.

This snowball effect is started already..


How can you contact me? Just call me and I‘ll be there. If you can not hear me, then you have to raise your vibration with loving thoughts. The vibration your in, is very imported. I personally like people who laugh a lot, care about the nature and are creative in searching for positive solutions. We, Star People of the Universe are like that. So, keep the vibration high. My name Ashtar is chosen because this is the planet I lived on a very long time ago and yes it is destroyed. So the connection with earth now is strong. The planet Ashtar lies in another solar system and looked like the planet Ishtar, Venus, at your solar system now. So there are many agreements.

Also, on the planet Venus the energy of love from the Star family of the Kumara’s is stationed there. I also have a strong connection with Venus I had my training of the Light there and follow the lessons of the Kumara’s and lived there for a long time. The Seven Kumara’s created the Seven Holy Temples on Venus. This is a very beautiful Light power of Love; they have brought this to the earth for a long time now. Jesus Christ (Sananda) is one of the Seven Holy Kumara’s. Sanat Kumara is also the Logos of Shamballa on Earth (Hollow earth). Beware of the changing in your world. You all become solar (star) people, creatures of the sun. Do you know that the sun is a star? That’s why they call us:


Adonai, I am Ashtar and I have spoken. Greetings of love from the Light, Ashtar.

Unconditional love. The road we all get to walk. Unconditional love is like the sun.


We are the change the world has been waiting for!

LOL= LOVE OF LIFE, (We all matter!)

Love and Regards, Happy Quarantine !

Thank You,

Nancy Thames



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