Galactic Federation: We Are Honoring The Galactic Codex



Dear beloved ones,
We are from the Galactic Federation and we send you this message of greeting in the light and in the love of our Creator. We come to you now, as we have many times before. We know you through your thoughts and feelings, and we feel much love for you.

We are grateful to find out that the human race is receptive to our message. We have been anxiously waiting to make contact with you, and this is both an honor and a joy.

You are making great progress on Earth, but you still have challenges ahead of you. The Galactic Federation wishes to help you.

There are millions of other worlds in our galaxy, many of them larger and more complex than yours. We have found thriving civilization and whenever we contact a space civilization, our goal is to establish friendly relations and help them develop their consciousness and technology to the point where they can join the Federation.

As per the Galactic Codex, however, we are not allowed to interfere with the evolution of any species if they’re not advanced enough to wish for upliftment by utilizing their own free will.

You, dear ones, are ready. That’s why we are allowed to make more and more contact with you and our ambassadors who convey these messages of hope and love to you.

We know you’ve encountered many threats and we understand if you are wary. There are many who are wary of the ships, but there are also many who seek them out in hope. You see, we are trying to help you through this difficult time in your history.

All over the globe, from north to south, from east to west, people have been watching our ships in the sky, day after day, month after month.

Some of you may greet this news with excitement, others with fear. Either way, it has probably caught you by surprise. Our presence should not be seen as a threat but as a support team and protection.

We are here to help and we are able to offer our help because so many of you have asked for it from their hearts. So, you have made a free-will choice to elevate your consciousness and we have heard your prayers.

We are here now.

And if you see us floating above your house, don’t be afraid—we just want to give you a message: WELCOME TO THE 5TH DIMENSION!

We encourage you to make changes to any ineffective, unsustainable lifestyles. If you examine the way you live, it becomes clear that there is no reason for any suffering.

In the past few decades, you’ve caused a significant amount of damage to your planet with all the toxic waste you’ve been producing. We want to be friends and help you clean up your mess. We think that if we work together, we can restore this planet to its original natural state.

We have been working for a long time to monitor radiation and electromagnetic pollution produced on your planet —which are all artificial frequencies and intensities in the environment.

Your human society emits an increasing amount of sonic pollution which interferes with your thinking, feelings, and sensory perceptions. This interference limits your telepathic ability; increases mental stress; exacerbates cell-phone addiction, and makes you more easily controllable by external entities.

One of our purposes on Earth is to control this radiation and electromagnetic pollution. This means making sure that all artificial sources of stimulus are turned down to levels where they don’t interfere with your thinking, feeling, and sensory perception.

This applies particularly to the artificial frequencies (and intensities) of radio broadcast signals, power lines, computer monitors, refrigerator lights, telephone handsets, cell phones, wireless routers, WiFi routers, mobile phone base stations, and electronic devices in general.

You are being asked to reduce the constant background noise level around your home to greatly reduce geopathic stress on all human beings.

A calm atmosphere is necessary for your spiritual growth. So it is critical to minimize the sources of stress, both natural and artificial.

We’ve specifically engineered our new technology to safely protect you from harmful EMFs. We keep you connected to your devices without sacrificing your safety.

We are applying our anti-radiation bioenergy all over your planet to reduce the negative effects of radiation emitted on your planet. It’s not reducing the radiation itself. The technology will make the bioenergy field stronger than the force of the radiation, which will overcome the power of the harmful rays.

This is why our spaceships are stationed as close to the Earth as feasible. So that our bioenergy transmission reaches every corner of the globe.

But there is another reason why our ships are located where they are. It allows us to foresee upcoming problems or concerns on planet earth and respond to them in advance.

We’re always here to keep you safe. We will not allow any more dark forces or harmful energies to get near you.

While we are doing this, please uplift your consciousness and raise your vibrations, meditate and pray, manifest your dreams by following your heart’s desires, co-create, and do all you can to bring peace and love to your world!

We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Channel Art by Aurora Ray



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