Galactic Federation: New Financial System, Australia and Seeder Race Update with Val Nek

Val Nek gives an update on the new financial system monitored by Space Force. The Alliance, US Navy Special Forces, recovers information from underground of Australia to dismantle the enemy’s financial system. According to Val Nek, the Seeder Race is assisting the benevolent forces of our galaxy in fighting the Orion and Reptilian empires whom are seeking revenge after being removed from Earth, the moon and Mars by the Federation. They are not interacting with humans at this time as to not interfere with our evolution. “We must awaken the hearts of the people first” -Val Nek        


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1 thought on “Galactic Federation: New Financial System, Australia and Seeder Race Update with Val Nek”

  1. Hello! I’am not interested in a new financial system both the old and the new are enslaving the human race at this time.A new system is just a new way to keep us enslaved it isn’t welcome by me and its just another way of exchanging one form of oppression with another.If we must have a new system why not replace the old one with unconditional love.This will be made possible by embracing paradism and letting AI intelligence by means of robots and computers to be fully automated and replace all kinds of human work and chores with humanoid robots as well as computers to handle things in the future there is a lot of programming to be done by computer programmers for this monumental task at hand.Not to mention work being done with quantum supercomputers so that they can take their place in society to replace all human run governments.When this is all said and done we will finally see work and money disappear for good this will make our ET creators the Elohim very happy that we’ve finally reached that far in our development to tap into our Elohim potential and become the beings of pleasure the Elohim wished us to be from the very beginning.Very little of the work ethic will survive going from being mandatory to optional.The generations that are unborn or born in the future will be proud of us for not making the acquisition of wealth the driving force in our lives and will lead to happier and laughing forms of paradism for the masses to enjoy fully.I will now get off my soap box in regards to the new financial system and address the subject of seeder ET races mentioned in this post.I regard the idea of other ET races creating the human race besides the Elohim as false information not to be taken seriously but there arrival I fully support not the claims that they make.Dear humanity embrace paradism and embrace the unconditional love that are creators the Elohim have for us no money,no work! Build the embassy may it stand for all time as a symbol of universal unconditional love or the unconditional love of infinity as it is portrayed in the Raelian symbol have a good life!


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