Galactic Federation Call For Courage




Dear sisters and brothers of planet earth,
We are from the Galactic Federation and we send our love and appreciation for your work and efforts in these changing times. We also send our gratitude for your willingness to take on new adventures and to expand your consciousness.

You are approaching a great transition. In fact, as you read this, you are already in the midst of it. For many years now, we have been preparing you for your Ascension process and your transformation into the New Earth.

We have been working with you to create the foundations, and indeed, we have already begun to activate them. You have been shown many things and prepared for many changes, and indeed, there is much more to come.

The dark forces have been pushed back to the edges of your reality, so that they are unable to interfere with the great changes that are occurring on your planet. The creation of 5D has begun.

We wish to tell you that we are aware of the dark energy that has been unleashed on the Earth Plane. We know that these energies have caused a great deal of damage to life on the earth plane. We have sent forth our light ships to help neutralize these energies.

The toxic energies are not only affecting humans, but animals, plants, trees, insects, and even the earth itself. We are working with you to get rid of these toxic energies.

The energy of fear is one of the most toxic disturbances to human consciousness. It has led to the distortions that humans are now facing.

Fear has been a major factor in the lives of people today. The energy of fear creates a lot of chaos in the world. Fear can cause people to act out of anger and hate, which is not conducive to peace on earth.

Today, the fear of the unknown has caused many humans to react in ways that are self-destructive. Fear has caused many people to act out in violence. Fear is the root cause of human suffering on this planet today.

When you become fearless, you stop being a sheep and start acting like a lion. You’re going to be courageous. In your heart, a vast roar erupts, the roar of liberation.

The word courage has a lot of meanings. It is derived from the Latin language. In Latin, “Cor” means “heart.” Being courageous entails living from the heart. But, weak people live with their heads.

The way of the heart is an adventure: to move into the unknown. It is the death of all concepts, all words; it is the death of all theories and beliefs, all certainty.

When you’re in danger, afraid, or trembling, your heart will give you the courage to take the risk. The head will calculate if I take this risk, then what will happen? But the heart is not calculating at all. It is just willing to take the risk. When it takes a risk, it’s courageous.

Life is a big risk. Many risks lurk in the waiting for our next move. There can be a lot of uncertainty in life. The great leaders were all great risk-takers. Great achievements are made by those who dared to venture into the unknown. Life is an adventure, and each of us must take the risk of the unknown, to make the soul come alive.

The difference between a brave person and a coward is merely a hair’s breadth. The coward listens to his fears and follows them, whilst the brave person ignores them and moves forward. Despite all of their fears, the brave person ventures into the unknown. Without the unknown growth, expansion, and transformation can’t occur.

Courage is a strong inner power that enables you to face difficulty, danger, or pain. The grave challenge of your life is to be courageous enough to start developing all the great virtues that will enable you to live a fulfilled and happy life.

The Sanskrit word for courage is “sacca”, which means “truth” or “reality.” Without courage, there is no truth, love, or trust.

So, courage comes first, followed by everything else.

Dark energies are responsible for instilling fear in people. This is a significant impediment to your advancement. You must get rid of this phobia right away. Move from your head to your heart to do this.

Feel the love that you have in your heart. Surround yourself with love energy.

No dark forces will be able to assault you and halt your ascension if you are completely filled with love!

We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Channel and Art by Aurora Ray





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