Full Disclosure Hon Paul T Hellyer – America is in Grave Danger

Mar 23, 2015


Deb’s NOTE April 2020: “Waking Up With Deb” changed to Transcend The Matrix in May of 2018. Nothing has been touched since then until now, while we worked behind the scenes on the Global Reset. Thank YOU for bringing me (and Scott) along with you on your Awakening journey! We’re In This Together! Come be a part of our growing community through our newsletter and Beings of Light Unite Blog as well as our transformation media. We offer experiential tools for ascension, including DNA & Code Activation’s and Clearing Your Field of Entities, Spells & other Energies that could be creating obstructions to the natural flow of money, love and health. @ TranscendTheMatrix.com. Overview: Shedding Light on the shadow government both in your experience and the macro-cosm is imperative in order for us to move forward…you may wonder, why, why look back? Because we must understand the debacle mess in order to heal, clear, transmute and transcend it, individually (it always starts there) and then collectively…Our consciousness MUST shift dramatically in order to experience a world of peace and a world of love…and it’s going to take us working together…seriously rolling up our sleeves, and working through this…and much of this is coming back into alignment with the Glory of God and ourselves as God Beings of Light & Love – not just in our heads, but in our hearts…that electromagnetic energy that pulsates true love for our Selves and for each other…authentically!

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Have you witnessed an unidentified flying object?

Whether you think UFOs are black projects, extraterrestrial craft, something else altogether, or just don’t know.

Unconditional love. The road we all get to walk. Unconditional love is like the sun.


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Nancy Thames

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1 thought on “Full Disclosure Hon Paul T Hellyer – America is in Grave Danger”

  1. ”We, of Earth”
    We, must realize, ”A GREAT MANY THINGS ARE ABOUT TO COME TO LIGHT”, I think We, will be even more astonished of the truth we meet, And we will also realize that the truth has been cruelly held, from us and just out of our reach.
    We, will be angry, However, we mustn’t start a new age with the violence of the past.
    We, will be choosing how to live beyond the oppressions and fear, and embrace the light, knowledge, and true abundance that comes with a new world.
    We, will shed the nonage of our adolescence, of our beginnings, put away the tendencies to use physical conflict and bruit force to solve the issues.
    We, will also realize, we will be burdened with a grand purpose, to carry mankind into a far greater community, and witness far older societies that have lived in this galaxy for an age.
    We, must learn to be a productive part of it, and put away the notions that we were alone, and without opposition, and that we were the center of the universe,
    We, must embrace a simple truth, that we are not ,and we exist with a myriad of intelligent beings as vast and diverse as our own Earth with its many species of animals and wonder.
    We, must allow our ”bubble of perception”, to be wiped clear again, like when we were young, like rebirth itself, the natural evolution of our kind.
    We, must look with hope, and acceptance, to the many we will meet,
    We, can only hope, they are more benevolent than we.
    Dave B. Jones


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