Forgetting UFOs: Three Cases with Amnesia

Oct 17, 2020
Sometimes UFO encounters are shrouded in a weird forgetfulness. Amnesia is a very real problem when dealing with extraterrestrials. Many encounters occur, but the witnesses forget about them. This video presents three incredible UFO encounters during which the witnesses experienced amnesia and other weird amnesia-like effects. “The Case of the Glowing Egg.” Hearing about recent sightings in their area, three teen-age boys go out UFO hunting and get more than they bargain for when a strange egg-shaped craft shows up, confronting them face-to-face. “Beamed by a UFO.” Nineteen-year-old “Jay” and his friend hear about a nearby farm that is being visited by UFOs. They decide to investigate, causing a series of UFO encounters that will change Jay’s life forever. “Five Hours Onboard a UFO.” Starting at age twelve, “Jack” experiences a series of bizarre events, all of which remained unexplained. Then 25 years later, a weird accident occurs which causes Jack to remember everything. Three cases of close encounters, each involving profound forgetfulness and missing time. How can an event as amazing as UFO contact be totally forgotten? As these cases show, the ETs seem to do it with perfect ease. This raises the question, how many people have been taken onboard a UFO and don’t remember anything? For those who’d like to learn more about UFO encounters, these three cases and others are presented in detail in my book, “Extraterrestrial Visitations: True Accounts of Contact.”

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