Extraterrestrials Have Been Traced Back 47,000 Years Ago Visiting Earth!


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Whether there are aliens or alien creatures in the universe , some UFO enthusiasts claim that aliens have come to the earth in ancient times, and there is still a lot of evidence left.

About 4000 years ago in ancient India, a group of human-looking creatures arrived in ancient India on a disk-shaped metal aircraft. Afterwards, these humanoids got along with the locals and lived together and settled down in ancient India. This story is recorded in the ancient Indian “Book of Dokian”.

Later, due to internal contradictions among these humanoids, some of them went to live in another area and became the ruler of the city. Their technology is quite advanced and far surpasses human civilization on earth.

They can freely use some luminous weapons, and they can attack the enemy with a huge mushroom-shaped light group.

The forgotten ancient city

Finally, for some reason, the humanoid creatures attacked each other, leading to the destruction of the city in which they lived. There were countless of casualties among local residents, and even nearby cities were not spared. Even people who saw these light clusters in the distance lost their sight, and those who entered these cities afterwards would die have and inexplicable death.

The dust splashed by the explosion polluted the river, and people would not dare to approach these cities since then. These areas become uninhabited and have been forgotten.

After the humanoids saw the consequences of their actions, the winning party entered the palace and never saw people again.

Finally, these humanoids boarded the disk-shaped aircraft together and flew away at a slow pace, and never came back.

Many of the descriptions in this story look like scenes from a nuclear war. At that time, ancient India did not have such technology, how would the ancient Indians know the details of nuclear war? Even the strong light sources of nuclear pollution and explosions can be described, which is really surprising.

The are also ancient cave paintings, preserved in the tribal areas of Charama, Kanker and Basdell in Chhattisgarh. The famous Indian archaeologist JR Bagt said, “These murals are painted with natural pigments for over thousands of years without fading. These strange cave figures hold weapons-like objects, but they have no obvious facial features. In particular, there are no noses and mouths, and in some drawings they seem to be wearing space suits. In addition, there are also some ancient images-vehicles with fan-shaped antennas and three legs, and UFOs that appear in alien movies. Is this just a coincidence? I think it needs further verification.”

Aliens have visited Earth 47,000 years ago 2
Indian cave paintings depicting alien scenes

He also believes that this discovery indicates that humans in prehistoric times may have seen or imagined aliens from other planets.

Interestingly, there is an ancient legend in the nearby village where the mysterious cave paintings were discovered. The villagers heard stories from their ancestors about the “Rohela”, a kind of thin people who took a circular flight. The object fell from the sky, then took one or two people from the village, and never returned. Since then, many villagers still worship the cave paintings as gods.

Record of radioactive contamination

In fact, some ancient Greek myths, ancient Roman legends, Nordic theology and even the “Bible” have similar accounts. The Bible describes this kind of struggle as a conflict between God and Satan, and they all mention the strong Light source and those who get sick due to pollution.

This description actually appeared in China, even earlier than ancient India. On a small island in Dongting Lake, Hunan, a mural painting 47,000 years ago was found, on which many humanoid creatures decorated with ‘masks’ and some UFOs were carved. Some UFO enthusiasts consider these masks to be the respiratory equipment of extraterrestrial creatures.

Aliens have visited Earth 47,000 years ago 3
Chhattisgarh, India ‘Masked’ Alien Creatures. There are similar accounts in China,

Rock paintings from more than 8,000 years ago have also been discovered on the rock walls of the Tassili Plateau south of Sahara. There are some strange creatures with big and round heads carved on the rock walls. Many people think that these characters are the images of aliens.

The spacecraft descended from the sky

There are some similar records in Ireland. The book “The King’s Mirror” in 956 AD describes many stories of demon ships floating from the sky and hanging a rope wrapped around a church cross. The crosses were entangled together.

After climbing down the rope, the humanoid creatures on the demon ship were caught by the locals. Later, the bishop pardoned them and allowed these humanoids to return to the demon ship, and finally they drove the demon ship quickly away.

The adventure of the farmer Alexander and his son

At the end of the 1890s, Alexander Hamilton, a very wealthy farmer in Kansas, USA, told about his bizarre incident.

At that time, he and his son saw a cigar-shaped spacecraft nearly 100 meters in length hovering 10 meters above his cowshed at 9 o’clock in the evening. There was a porthole-like device under the spacecraft, and a flashing light inside. From it, you could see that there were 6 humanoids screaming non-stop. When the humanoids spotted Alexander and his son, they immediately illuminated both the father and son with the lights on the spaceship.

Aliens have visited Earth 47,000 years ago 4
Visualization of the 1980’s Kansas UFO encounter

Then the spacecraft moved quickly and sucked a two-year-old cow into the spacecraft. The father and son found the cow’s skin, legs and head in the field the next day, but there was no sign of landing nearby.

The timeline of these accounts is from ancient times to modern times, and can even be traced back to 47,000 years ago, and there are still many incidents of UFO sightings.

At present, we have been able to launch probes to explore the major planets in the solar system, and even send astronauts to the lunar surface 380,000 kilometers away. Therefore, if there are more advanced alien civilizations visiting the earth, it may not be difficult for them.

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