Extraterrestrial signals sent by Dead Planets


A team of scientists recently banded together to inspect a series of dead planets that are allegedly sending signals through time and space, trying to get our attention.

That’s right, you read that correctly, and although we have yet to fully decipher the secret message that they’re sending us we can clearly tell that it is an intelligent message and what it’s caused by.

This all started when the experts uncovered the series of fire explosions that began shooting through space itself. Later on, they uncovered the fact that these explosions are caused by the explosion of the nuclei inside of these dead planets.

What’s interesting to note here is the fact that what is left from these planets is currently orbiting around their stars effectively creating a new planet altogether.

These waves are caused by travel through time and space itself, reaching as far as Earth which is why we were able to detect them in the first place.

The discovery was made through the use of radio waves-based telescopes which spotted the space ripples in the first place.

The signal was apparently amplified along the way, giving it an intelligent pattern and effectively allowing it to travel so far in the first place.

Experts hope that by uncovering this message we’ll be able to uncover and foresee the future of our own Solar System. What do you think?


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