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On occasion different and apparently drastically unconnected fields of research crossover. When a small team of paranormal researchers looked to use digital computer systems to contact “the other side”, however, this blurred crossover perhaps became one of esoteric clarity. The process itself was revolutionary in its field and one that opens the door to a mountain of possibilities. Furthermore, not only did they succeed in communicating with long-passed colleagues, but some of those they made contact with weren’t necessarily human.
If the information received is to be believed, then it not only offers proof of such claims as to the ancient astronaut theory but also of “mythical” lands such as Atlantis. If these particular claims were the only offers of contact “from the other side”, it might be easy to dismiss them as a hoax, or fabrication. However, in-between these apparent cosmic connections, were messages from loved ones and other researchers of the team who had since passed on. If these messages were accurate and true, which the researchers undoubtedly thought them to be, then it would make no sense whatsoever to disregard the information about alien civilizations, regardless of how outlandish it might sound.

Before we look at those revelations in more detail, we will look at the organization and some of its initial findings. Researcher, Bill Eigles, would first write about this area of research for Atlantis Rising in the article “Sounds and Pictures From The Other Side”. It was later republished in the book Forbidden Religion which looks at the many examples of esoteric wisdom and the mixing of science and mysticism as one, instead of two separate arts. The short video below features a discussion of the basics of this concept of spirit communication.

In the mid-1980s, a group of paranormal researchers who would ultimately become known as the International Network for Instrumental Transcommunication (INIT), would look at ways of establishing contact with those “beyond the veil” (who had died) through means of electronic devices. Everyday things such as radios, televisions, and computers, and eventually electronic devices such as telephones.

It is a notion that isn’t as “out-there” as you might think. Particularly if we accept that “the soul” or whatever happens after death is our consciousness going from a physical form to one of energy and frequency. Those frequencies would appear to operate in much the same way as radio waves that travel to your radio or television. It is, essentially, just a matter of tuning into them.

These communications would happen through electronic voices, writings on a computer, or even through images. One particular instance would see a recently deceased researcher, Friedrich Jurgenson’s image appear on a fellow researcher’s television screen for almost thirty seconds. It is perhaps an example of an energy force manipulating or taking over the signals and electronic waves of the television in order to appear to his colleague as proof of an existence after death. In this instance, the researcher who recorded the image had a “sudden urge” to point his camcorder towards his television. Immediately after doing so, the image of his colleague appeared.

The two driving forces behind the organization, however, are Mark Macy and George Meek. Between them, they set out to prove the theory of Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC).

The short video below looks at the incident of Jurgenson’s face appearing on a television screen after his death.

Researchers in this field tend to believe that the spirits, or “those on the other side of the veil” decide who to make contact with, and when. However, it would appear the “secret” to initiating contact is simply the human mind being open to such a notion. According to Eigles’ article, these experiences are “individuals living on Earth linking closely with the consciousness of minds on subtler, nonphysical levels of existence”. Even having a “passionate desire for contact” is important. As is using meditation and mental focus to improve one’s “psychic tenement”. George Meek, for example, himself had received a “letter” via his computer system from his wife. She had died some considerable time before.

The pair would also utilize a technological device created by Bill O’Neil called a spiricom. This machine comprised of the “thirteen tones that span the range of the adult male voice” and was developed in 1980. According to Meek, Macy, and O’Neil, they would use the device to communicate with Dr. George Mueller – a NASA scientist who died over a decade previously in 1967. Although Mueller’s voice would sound “robot-like” through the device, there was a “definite, living intelligence” heard in the communication.

The organization has a similar communication on record. In 1996, Macy would “enter into dialogue” with Dr. Konstantin Raudive, who was an ITC researcher. That was until his death, in 1974. The communication between Macy and Raudive would last for around fifteen minutes. Other ITC researchers have also spoken with the late paranormal researcher. The short video below looks at this a little further.

If the case of Ezra Braun is to be believed, then there is also the continuation of consciousness and development in the astral plane. Ezra Braun was a German boy who died at the age of twelve from leukemia. However, in 1992, an ITC researcher would receive a strange picture on his computer.

The picture would show a young man who looked to be in his early-20s. He was smiling, obviously happy, and appeared to have his hand aloft as if waving. Further information, including text, would allow the research team to contact the boy’s parents. They would express no doubt this was their son. Albeit, some years older than he had been when he died. Other pictures of Braun as a child proved to researchers that the person in their mystery picture was “easily recognizable” as being Ezra Braun. The boy’s parents, emotional as they were, were “ecstatic” that their son was still “alive” on another plane of existence. That he had also contacted them to assure them of this also appeared to help them somewhat.

The fact that the young boy now looked substantially older in the picture adds another dimension to the mystery. Do these energy-based entities continue to grow and age? Or, as some researchers theorize, does the energy create its own “visual” form for the sake of others? Perhaps the projection of Ezra Braun as a young man instead of a young boy is due to how he thought his parents would wish to see him? Maybe this is how Braun sees himself? And so it becomes the “visual representation” on the living plane here on Earth?

Perhaps the most interesting messages from beyond are the “spiritual insights from higher levels of consciousness through angelic beings who have never assumed human form”. These communications would arrive on the computer systems of researchers while attempts to communicate with passed-over colleagues and loved ones. The revelations are not only mind-blowing but could endorse what many researchers have claimed for some time.

According to one such communication, for example, the “spiritual beings” would claim they had once lived on a planet that resided in between Mars and Jupiter. Their civilization was highly technically advanced. So much so they had traveled through the reaches of space thousands of years ago. However, this technology would lead to their downfall. Their home planet, Maldek or Marduk, suffered a catastrophic explosion. This would result in the asteroid belt that resides in between the two planets today.

Some of the population of this one-time fifth planet after Mars managed to escape and would land on Earth. They would begin their civilization again, on Earth, which would become, Atlantis. These Atlanteans would eventually interbreed with “primitive beings” indigenous to the planet. This would become the roots of what would become the human race.

Essentially, this one-time “Mardukian” was a ghost who “existed on the astral plane”. The same astral plane, if you believe the theories, that the people of Earth travel to also when they die. When they go from a physical existence to one of energy and frequency.

In a field where they would surely already face the battle of having to bring people around to an outside-the-box way of thinking, for them to add something so outlandish just doesn’t make sense. In short, they would have nothing to gain from manufacturing such information.

So, should we take these messages from ghosts of extraterrestrials from thousands of years ago seriously? They aren’t the only claims that elude “past lives on other planets” and a singularity to the Universe.

We have written before of Boriska, for example, who claims he can remember several lifetimes, one in particular of living on Mars millions of years ago. He too claims that space travel was a routine activity for his civilization.

Delores Cannon, through her regression therapy sessions, also believes she has discovered proof of life on other planets. In the distant past as well as several instances where that “alien” life-energy has reincarnated here on Earth. As we have written about before, she has also retrieved information through her therapy sessions. Information that suggests extraterrestrials have had a huge influence on the human race and how it developed.

We have also written before of Project Penguin and the apparent contact with “The Nine”, an “eternal presence who watch over mankind”. Does this “presence” reside in the same astral plane as the one-time inhabitants of Marduk and Earth respectively?

Perhaps these inhabitants of this astral plane are the real keepers of what psychics and mystics refer to as the Akashic Record. Might it be possible, given the information from the apparent Mardukian, that these entities are the keepers of knowledge? Might it even be the case that once energy (or soul) leaves their physical body and enters such a plane of existence that such knowledge simply fills their existence? Only further research will get us collectively closer to the answer. An answer that will likely show that all areas of interest, when studied further, will reach the same core truth.



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