Expert Says UFOs Mapping the Surface of the Earth to Make Chart of Universe

Christopher Mellon, the former military intelligence adviser, claims thousands of the same sightings worldwide suggest extra-terrestrial craft are on a reconnaissance mission by making a map on the Earth’s surface to create a Google Map-style chart of the universe.

Mellon, who served as US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defence for Intelligence under Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, makes his shocking claim in a new TV documentary due to air sometime next month in the UK.

Mellon doesn’t think UFOs are ours, and his hopeful we can finally make progress in finding where they might be coming and how they work.

The former Pentagon boss stresses that if these UFOs are not ours, we have a lot to worry about. He believes they could spell a new and uncertain security threat.

He talks about his recent research in an upcoming episode of Sky History series Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation. The research features multiple massive objects shaped like equilateral triangles that have lights on each of their corners and seem capable of slowly drifting and departing with incredible bursts of speed.

These triangular UFOs have now been spotted above more than 50 American military installations, including Scott Air Force Base, Illinois, which is a strategic command center. Still, its high-tech equipment failed even to register the intruder.

Mellon said this type of craft bears zero resemblance to any advanced terrestrial air technology, such as stealth bombers, but has been spotted around the world for over 40 years. He believes that these UFOs would be capable of mapping in detail the surface below.

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