Evidence faster than light black budget antigravity technology is real

Centered on eye-witness testimony and insider knowledge, this information brings the listener through a sequence of discoveries as to how extraordinary breakthrough technologies may have been redesigned from rescued or captured off-road vehicles, made it possible for aerospace companies to establish exclusive access only a hidden space program, and to build a break-away society with its own objectives and agenda.

We’re concerned about special access services (SAP). We have unrecognized and waived SAPs from these. These services do not operate in full, but they do still exist.

They’re best known as deep black services. Any of these aircraft are capable of traveling at Mach 17 and carrying out movements that sound unlikely.

“It’s really fascinating. As a cynical skeptic, I know that the very confidentiality of the army will promote, or produce, completely made-up tales, or fanciful misinterpretations of the events witnessed.

Yet, speaking to him, he appears to be a really strong analyst. Quite concise and reflective about his words. His remarks on the Aurora tend to be real. The thought that the Aurora will also be another radioactive delivery system is a little frightening. I agree with him that if that is the case, the American public should be informed.

His reports regarding anti-gravity technology and propulsion are indeed interesting and real, but less compelling. Still not quite how to balance out the impact of inertia.

Often, canceling the impact of mass does not cancel the effect of air pressure, shock waves, and sound booms. And, still, they were canceled out—so not entirely sure of that.”

Finally, his speculation of the streaks of light being the photos of the stars of a ship moving out of hyperspace made little sense. His vision of the streaks is from the rear. It doesn’t appear to me why you can see the streaks in hyperspace from the side.

Eventually, if this material is so confidential, how can he talk about it Does the military care no longer? Is this information, once so hidden, now being declassified? His account about how he was casually shown by hovering craft, in an obvious lack of secrecy, doesn’t seem to be plausible. Too casual to be true.

Conclusion – fascinating, apparently real, and ample concerns to give rise to serious doubts”

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1 thought on “Evidence faster than light black budget antigravity technology is real”

  1. i saw a ufo in the army in august 1969. never seen anything like it since. i lost 45 minutes according to my 2 watches. one was a benrus o/d green watch that was non-magnetic for nuclear war ,the other was a timex. timex quit but benrus kept working. it was as if a beam causing tingling and blackness but was consience. i was going 70mph at the end was . freaked out! seen 2 more times in car going 70mph heading from ft. irwin,ca. to barstow, ca. had date with beer barrel bar tendress named barbara. a redhead. never saw again in army or out of army


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