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According to recent studies, it appears as though astronomers finally uncovered the fact that aliens are actively hiding their presence from us. This discovery was made thanks to the planet hunter telescope which was only recently showcased.

The team of astronomers was entirely made up of Americans and through their study they finally proved the fact that the most intelligent races out there can easily camouflage themselves and their ships from us, essentially appearing completely invisible to the naked eye or to our radars.

Recently, however, more and more footage of aliens and UFOs were released to the general public thanks to the groundbreaking technology that the HARP and Kepler telescopes are equipped with.

These two actually discovered more exoplanets than ever before and on the majority of them, they even uncovered signs of life.

The conditions may seem rough to the human body but they’re still inhabitable for a race of intelligent beings that evolved to thrive in those areas.

According to David Kipping and Alex Teachey, two experts from the University of Harvard and the University of Columbia, this is unquestionable proof as this directly proves the fact that the only reason as to why we’re only now uncovering the existence of aliens is because they never wanted to be discovered in the first place.
But because we’ve had a surge of technological advancements over the years it’s no wonder that we’re finally beginning to catch up.

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