Erin Montgomery – Her Abductions and the Alien Hybrid Programme

Welcome Back Everyone!! Tonight we have on Erin Montgomery!! Lovely Soul!! 30 minutes before the interview, her WiFi failed strangely and had to use her cellphone..We had some audio and video interference and had to edit them out. But wonderful stories came out of it!! Hope you enjoy it!!! Until next time! Erin Montgomery is a 3rd Generation ET Contact within a 4th Generation ET Contact Family. She began experiencing strange phenomena as early as 7 years old and has been able to retrieve some of those memories through hypnotic regression in order to help relieve some of the trauma that was created by those early encounters with alien beings. She continues to have UFO and paranormal experiences throughout her life and currently is not only working as a shaman to help heal people energetically, un-haunt houses, work with spirits and read people’s cards, she is also learning how to do hypnotic regressions to help others who have suffered as she has. During the day she works as a clinical therapist in the not-so-surprising location of Roswell, New Mexico. In the evenings she can be found working with others on a spiritual level, writing new material, or working to engage more direct contact with beings not of this world! She is the author of the book “Dirty Little Secret: Confessions of an Alien Contactee” which can be purchased on Amazon.


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