Enhanced Sound of NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter Flying on Mars

“For the first time, a spacecraft on another planet has recorded the sounds of a separate spacecraft” – NASA. Please Use Headphones For Best Result. On April 30, 2021, NASA’s Perseverance rover made history as the first spacecraft to record sounds from another spacecraft on another planet. During the helicopter Ingenuity’s fourth flight, a microphone included with the Super Cam instrument aboard the Perseverance rover captured the sound of the blades spinning at 2537rpm. The audio we received is pretty incredible considering the rover was 262 feet (80 meters) away from Ingenuity’s takeoff location and the Mars atmosphere makes it difficult for the sound to carry compared to on Earth. The sound provided by NASA was then processed further by me, in an effort to make the flight even more audible. If you’re reading this and enjoy the content I’m producing, please feel free to like this video and subscribe 🙂 I appreciate your support.




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