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Sylvain Rochon is one of the leaders of the Alliance for Extraterrestrial Diplomatic Contact A futurist, scientist and engineer, he is passionate about engineering a better world for all of humanity and beyond. Sylvian is also an International Keynote Speaker, entrepreneur and author of, Engineering Paradise: Are You Ready? Please spread the LOVE and Wisdom. BIG LOVE ks. 💜 Spiritual Teacher, Psychic Medium and Channel, Karen helps you align with your Soul’s calling.  Karen Swain is a Channel, Mentor, Spiritual Teacher and Way-shower for the expansion of our Powers of Deliberate Creation, invites other teachers and experiencers to ATP Media to expand the conversation of how to evolve human consciousness, expand human potential, overcome adversity, advance human society as we transition to the next evolutionary step in human evolution. Enjoy our conversations. BIG LOVE ksx




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