Elena Provornikova & The Interstellar Probe – Astronomy News with The Cosmic Companion May 25, 2021

This week on Astronomy News with The Cosmic Companion, we take a look at a project that could become the first mission far into the void between the stars – the Interstellar Probe. We’ll talk with Dr. Elena Provornikova from Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory about this futuristic mission. But first, we journey far back in time, to an era when the Milky Way may have merged with another, smaller galaxy, and learn how that event changed our galaxy. Next, we travel even further back in time and out in space, as evidence suggests one of the most-important constants in cosmology may not be a constant after all. Finally, we look up in the sky, as a lunar eclipse will be visible early Wednesday morning over most of the United States, before welcoming our special guest.


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