Eerie Case of a Terrified Woman From a Parallel Universe Who Woke Up Here

Lerina Garcia Gordo is one of the first people to have allegedly woken up in a parallel universe. Her story is quite simple, but also extremely eerie to say the least.

She woke up just as per usual in her apartment, but everything was a tad bit different. This was on July 16th, but she was late for work so she ignored all the signs.

She hurried up to work only to realize the fact that she no longer worked for the same manager anymore, in fact, she worked for a whole different division altogether. She had worked there for well over 20 years now, so she was definitely extremely shocked to see this.

She had herself tested to make sure she wasn’t drunk or drugged. She needed a proper explanation for all of this but nobody had an answer for her.

When she went home she found her ex in her bed. She broke up with him around a year ago and she was already in another relationship with a neighbor, but according to her, in this new universe she had never broken up with him in the first place.

She notices slight inconsistencies to this very day, and she is convinced that she is from a parallel universe. What do you think?


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