Earths Chakra Points and Vortices


Chakra points and vortexes/vortices reflect the full spectrum of possibilities for humans to align and expand. They represent the collective, “higher self” frequencies of your microcosmic body and energetic field. You will be attracted to certain locations to pick up and merge with the specific vibrations presently needed for your growth and evolution.  The frequencies of these locations live within you, even if you are on the other side of the planet! Tune into them, meditate with them, study them and gaze at picture of these places and you can connect.  If

you are feeling incredibly called to physically visit, all the better, GO!!!

Earth chakra points are where energy spirals and flows down like a faucet. The general essence of the Earth’s chakra points are to magnify the energy correlated to the body’s chakras. When you immerse yourself in these energy fields you will find that your own physical electromagnetic field will become aligned with the frequency of the chakra point you are in.

Chakra points pour, radiate and give off energy by tapping into a variety of dimensional planes. They balance and regulate the electromagnetheric field of Earth to stabilize our planet’s energy. They connect with Earth’s vortices, working together as an energetic, crystalline grid around our planet. Chakra points are often Volcanoes or other Earth active areas, due to the rich crystal deposits, electromagnetic volcanic material and increased ormus from Inner Earth.

Everyone will have their own experiences, and receive particular frequencies and downloads designed for you. These places will bubble up any energies or beliefs that are out of alignment with your natural self so that you can integrate them and become more of your true essence. You may have the most positive and connective experience of your life or the most painful. As the locals say in Sedona, whatever energy you bring to the vortex (or chakra point) will be magnified.  Chakra points are more lucid and dreaming whereas vortices are clarifying amplifiers. All of Earth’s chakra points and vortices are connected in an energy grid around the planet. When you are at one energy point you will likely feel other energy points through the wormhole-like dimensional gates, such as feeling Mt. Fuji in Mt. Shasta. The following descriptions are brief energetic overviews of the Earth’s chakra points that I have lived and visited, and the general energies I researched and downloaded.

Crown Chakra ~ Mt Shasta, California
Crown Chakra ~ Mt Shasta, California


Mount Shasta is the locational access point to “All That Is” and connection with your higher self. It is a place where you are bathed in knowingness and powerfully nurtured by divine support. The “I AM” presence.  It delivers the realization and frequency of oneness and your connection to everything.

Many know Mt. Shasta as the root chakra. It is a very grounded place being atop the volcano. One of the reasons for this labeling could be the 8th chakra energy that streams through here.  The 8th chakra is where the root and crown chakra meet, the place of heaven and Earth.

It is often associated with the “The Violet Flame” or Saint Germain, the purifying violet energy which transmutes denser energies and reignites the flame of your divine purpose. The symbol and energy are also represented in Shasta’s energy of being the meeting place of the high council, the place where humans step into their roles as ascended masters and physicalize Christ Consciousness on Earth.  Mount Shasta is in the geographic region that was once, and always is because everything is now, “ancient” Lemuria.  It is a dimensional gate to the Lemurian civilization, reminding us of how we can live in harmony on Earth.

Mount Shasta co-creates an energetic Vesica Pisces with the Sedona Vortex. Together, they are connected by a line of energy and their radiating electromagnetic fields combine, immersing the geographic locations between them in a resonance of 33 cycles per second. *Lived

Stunning view of Mount Kailas the Third-Eye Chakra of Earth

Third-Eye Chakra ~ Mount Kailas, Himalayan Mountains

Mt. Kailas opens visitors’ spiritual eyes to see their true mystical nature. It is a pilgrimage site for at least 4 religions; Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Tibetans who perambulate clockwise around the mountain spiraling the direction of the chakra’s energy.  Buddhists call it ‘the precious jewel snow peak’ and its inner radiance and dreamy nature allow insight, contemplation and the ability to gaze into other dimensions.

Beautiful view of Glastonbury England the Throat Chakra of Earth

Throat Chakra~ Glastonbury, England

Glastonbury will eventually be the “Communication Headquarters” for Europe in the new 5th dimensional network of communities.  It currently acts as a world communication outlet expressed through the crop circles, just over an hour away in Wiltshire. The crop circles act as humanity’s collective communication symbols as they receive messages from other extraterrestrial intelligences and dimensions.

Glastonbury is the location of the legendary Avalon of mystical Merlin and the story of King Arthur.  It was also the territory of the Druid peoples, thus connecting us with our inner magic, alchemy and connection to nature.

Heart Chakra~ Maui, Hawaii*:

The Haleakalā volcano on Maui matches the Schumann Resonance at 7.8 cycles per second, the same resonance of our hearts and the natural state of Earth. Maui’s energy is incredibly feminine and abundant. There is a heavenly comfort radiating from the heart chakra and a visceral experience of being taken care of.  The whole of the Hawaiian Islands radiant the frequency of the heart and each have distinct energies that represent the separate chakras. The Big Island, for instance, is incredibly rooted bridget leading tour in hawaiiwith the deep active volcano energy from Pelé.  Some associate Maui with the sacral chakra within the microcosmic chakra system of the islands.

Like Mt. Shasta, the Hawaiian Islands are the geographic location of ancient Lemuria.  The Lemurian 5th dimensional energy is linked with the heart’s frequency enabling Lemurian love and “memories” to flow forth when you are there. *Lived


Beautiful view of Mt. Fuji in Japan, the Solar Plexus chakra of Earth

Solar Plexus~ Mt. Fuji, Japan

The greatest power requires the lightest touch.  This is the place that represents a very different reflection of power than we haven’t been used to on Earth. The energy it exudes is the true empowerment of your infinite nature. The Eastern Zen energy of simplicity and meditative insight radiates at Mt. Fuji.

Beautiful view of Lake Titicaca in Peru, the solar plexus of Earth

Sacral Chakra~ Lake Titicaca, Peru 

Lake Titicaca radiates the essence of the mother archetype, the abundant “momma”.  All power points have both masculine and feminine energies, and Titicaca is dominantly feminine. Being the sacral chakra, it is the energy of the womb of your inner creator. New ideas, creativity and a balance of sexual energy spring forth here. With the ancient city of Tiwanaku on the lake, this has been a sacred gateway for millennia. Tiwanaku Ruins

Tiahuanaco (Tiwanaku) is an ancient sacred site twelve miles from the coast of the sacred Lake of Titicaca in Bolivia. It is to South America what the Avebury stone ring is to England or the Great Pyramid is to Egypt. It is also part of the Chakra energy.


Beautiful view of Ayres Rock in Australia, Earth's Root Chakra

Root Chakra ~ Uluru/Ayers Rock, Australia: Ulura/Ayers Rock is believed by the native Aboriginals to be the beginning place where their ancestors were born into this realm… where life began. It emanates the root of where we come from as humans, and our connection to all humanity and beyond. Out of the void, in the middle of the vast Australian desert, emerges the huge electro-magnetic rock where life originated.

Earth’s Major Vortices:

Earth’s vortexes or vortices are points where energy spirals and flows up and out.  The general essence of vortices is that of intensity. Whatever energy you bring when you visit these places will be amplified. They are crystalline dimensional gates that are vibrationally tuned to a multitude of realities. Vortices allow you to become any frequency along the full spectrum of harmonic light. Vortices link you to the stage of energy that most aligns with your present state of being. They connect with Earth’s chakra points, working together as an energetic grid around the planet.

Beautiful view of Sedona, Arizona. Major Earth Vortex
Sedona, AZ

Sedona* is the highest frequency location in the Western Hemisphere, according to Bashar.  It is one of the strongest gateways and doorways of interdimensional connection that assists in balancing the energy grid of the entire planet.  It is the 33rd Bridget leading retreat in Sedona vortexparallel vibrating at thirty-three cycles per second.  As it runs into other chakra points and vortices, creating new crests and troughs, the vibration diminishes to ten cycles per second. For more red hot info about Sedona’s role in our global awakening process, scroll down to the section, “Locations for First Extraterrestrial Contact.”  *Currently Live


Beautiful view of the Great Pyramids in Cairo Egypt. A major Earth vortex

Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, Egypt* has an incredible history enabling humanity to see the full spectrum of what is possible to be expressed in a vortex. It is a place of captivity and war in the Bible, and a place of incredible technology, at times with extraterrestrial assistance.  Its polarity of intensity swings back and forth from the godly power of the Pharaohs to the aligning of Earth’s energy grid to spread consciousness to the people. Egypt has an incredible power to exaggerate whatever the dominant energy is, revealing truth or control. *Visited

Map of Major Earth Vortex, the Bermuda Triangle

Yucatan Peninsula_ The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle* is the major shifting vortex on our entire planet. It is a major gateway and acts as a fluctuating chakra and vortex simultaneously.  It is intimately connected and overlaps with the Vesica Pisces created by Mt. Shasta and Sedona, intertwining many dimensions of reality. Because it is a doorway to different Swim with bridget in bimini with dolphinsdimensions, civilizations and various vibrational states, often times individuals, ships or aircraft have gone missing from Earth into other dimensions.

The island of Bimini is a powerful minor vortex, within the Bermuda Triable, and a intersection point of many ley lines. Being the seat of old Atlantis, it holds many codesand memories of that time within the surrounding underwater ruins, and in the sulfur spring on the island.

List of Minor Chakra Points and Vortexes/Vortices:

Beautiful view of Antigua Guatemala, Minor Vortex of EarthThese are a few minor chakra points and vortices around the world that are key players for humanity’s awakening process specifically being utilized for the hybridization program. There are many many more sacred sites and energy points on Earth. These are the ones Harmonious Earth and Hybrid Children Community are called to focus on.

  • Hawaiian Islands (Big Island and Kauai)
  • Moab, Utah (Upheaval Dome)
  • Antigua, Guatemala
  • Cape Town, South Africa (Table Mountain)
  • Moscow, Russia
  • Jerusalem, Israel
  • Fiji
  • Tirta Empul, Bali
  • Lake Rotopounamu, New Zealand
  • Bimini, Caribbean
  • Mt. Hood, Oregon
  • Crater Lake, Oregon

Harmonious Earth Communities

Sacred geometry representing the New Earth Communities of a Harmonious Earth

Endre Balogh – Sacred Geometry #4

Harmonious Earth is a network of communities that live in a newly awakened, harmonious and joyous way. The variety of locations will also provide diversity, growth, integration, and enjoyment as people synchronistically shift between different locations to share their gifts with others. The communities are located near Earth’s high vibrational chakras, vortices and sacred sites. Placing them in these strategic locations takes advantage of the Earth’s natural grid of energetic flow and magnification to amplify and pulse out the energy of the communities to the surrounding areas.

Locations for First Extraterrestrial Contact:

Extraterrestrial making first contact in Sedona, ArizonaThe first locations where we will meet our star families are in the sacred sites around the planet, the vortices and chakra points discussed above. First contact will be specifically focused on the Southwest of the United States, including Arizona, (Moab) Utah, New Mexico and Colorado.

The dimensional gate of Sedona will act as the location of first contact. It is the location where information will be downloaded about new technologies, a new economy,  living 5th dimensionally, and merging realities with our star families.  It is the “[Hybrid] Parent Headquarters,” as coined by Bashar, and will act as the organizational hub to receive and disperse downloaded information throughout the network of communities located in the sacred sites of the planet.  Harmonious Earth is assisting, along with other eco villages, to set up this network as a world within the “old” world — the crumbling 3rd dimensional structure.  When the old network collapses the new network will take its place. Sedona is where we are practicing and receiving the template to live as awakened beings, acting as a collective, to thus meet our hybrid children. Beautiful view of Sedona sunset, major Earth vortex

Message from Bashar and the ETs about Sedona: “And, thus then, in assisting and aiding all of you in your collective consciousness in doing so, it (Sedona) is a place, now that things have changed sufficiently in your collective consciousness, that has the highest degree of, shall we say, leverage to be able to effect changes in frequency in that energy with the least amount of effort – one of the places on your planet. You all already know that it is a very strong gateway and energy vortex that taps into a multitude of dimensions. Therefore, it is, in that sense, like we have just described in the brain, a neutral zone that allows us better handling, better facilitation of the energy of a multitude of dimensions in one spot.  It’s like having your hand squarely on the main control switch…to regulate the energy in a very easy way.  Whereas, if we were off center from that, we would have to contend with a multitude of frequencies, a multitude of vibrations that were not correlated, that were not harmonized. But by dealing with the vortex, the center itself, then they are all within that neutral zone at the very center, all harmonized and easy to process, easy to transform from one to another, easy to redefine. Make sense? Easy to recalibrate.”

The Yucatan Peninsula, The Giza Plateau, Tijuanaco and Glastonbury, England will also be some of the first contact points on our planet.

I have been to several listed , but bunch to go


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