E.T. Technology and The Human Occupation of Exo – Planets – Will They Let Us Leave?

Whitley Strieber – As we develop new technologies, the dream of reaching new planets and occupying them comes closer and closer each year. But is science overlooking something? Will E. Ts allow us to colonize space? Whitley Strieber reveals some of the startling, advanced technologies of extraterrestrials and incredible human genetic studies. Are we really ready for the future? Whitley Strieber is an author best known for his book Communion (1987). His latest book is A New World, which describes the wealth of new close encounter experiences Whitley has had since 2015 and especially since February of 2016 when, in an intense encounter with the visitors, he asked why they were not in more direct contact with mankind. This led to three years of intense lessons in what we need to do and understand to communicate with them, and resulted in a totally new vision of the close encounter experience that is light-years ahead of anything ever published before.




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