Dr. Joseph Burkes on Human Initiated Contact with Non-Human Intelligence

What can we learn from studies on people’s anomalous experiences who claim to encounter or communicate with aliens? Dr. Joseph Burkes talks with Daniel Alan Jones about human initiated contact with non-human intelligence and studies that document the effects of interactions with mysterious phenomena purported to be extraterrestrial. From The Vortex archives, recorded in March 2019 in Laughlin, Nevada.




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1 thought on “Dr. Joseph Burkes on Human Initiated Contact with Non-Human Intelligence”

  1. Hi! I once went to Laughlin,Nevada to attend the international UFO congress.I almost got to introduce myself to Dolores Cannon who was giving a lecture at the time.Its to bad this meeting didn’t occur and I have most of the books shes written in my personal library.I managed to dig out of my closet a old poster that I bought when I was there.Its a good thing it wasn’t thrown out and it makes a good reminder to my experience there.This of course was before I joined the Raelian movement and my time spent among UFO believers was a experience I will never forget that’s for sure.


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