DRAIN THE SWAMP in the context of the disclosure movement

A political term meaning let’s get rid of the corrupt politicians, big business Men and Women that want to control us and keep us dumbed down so they can profit from it. That’s why they are attacking President Trump; he will never be their puppet that the other Presidents went along with and it never has been to our advantage. The Democratic Party just won’t accept a loss but it’s the Cabal that are fueling them, trying to keep their control over the World. Other presidents warned us that the military was being taken over and trying to Control us. JFK fought against them, Ronald Regan didn’t support their view and President Eisenhower in his last speech as leaving office warned us that corruption would be shoved upon us.


President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Before President Reagan urged Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to “tear down this wall,” and even before President Kennedy told Americans to ask “what you can do for your country,” President Dwight D. Eisenhower coined his own phrase about “the military-industrial complex.”

That statement, spoken just days before Eisenhower left office in 1961, was his warning to the nation.

At the time, the United States was sitting atop a huge military establishment built from its participation in three major wars. This buildup led Eisenhower to caution against the misplacement of power and influence of the military.

Fifty years later, the United States is engaged in two wars abroad, and some say Eisenhower’s warning still holds true.

Nobody should be able to control humanity. We have been mislead about many things which fills their pockets with wealth and leaving us living from pay check to check. They have kept us from free energy, advanced technology, cures for diseases, and much much more.

Drain The Swamp Please!

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