Dolly Safran on Meeting Her ET Family, Traveling Off World, NDEs, OBEs and MORE!

Dolly Safran began her life journey already a generational contactee. Her Father, an Airborne Ranger in the US Army, was also a contactee from an early age. Growing up was a challenging for Dolly as occurrences of Disappearing from her home, psychic phenomena and unseen friends caused anxiety for her Mother. Until the age of 14, Dolly’s memories were not fluid. She knew strange things were happening, but could not connect reality to them. It took a huge push to fight for her conscious recall to remain intact. After gaining awareness, her life took on purpose. Nursing began her journey. Then serving as a civilian worker at the US Department of the Treasury, and also in the Army as a Department of Defense employee. Her life changed trajectories suddenly, and she was happy to become a Zoo Keeper and Animal Baby Momma for a private Zoo and Sanctuary in Florida. All while being taught and working with ET. Dolly’s decision to break her silence is now an imperative for her.





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