Do you know a child who remembers past life occurrences?

Is reincarnation true? About 33% of Americans believe it. This, can you believe it, includes 29% of the Christian Americans. In most cases, it is children who remember past lives, but occasionally the adults. This topic has been at the forefront of fascination for centuries, for believers and skeptics alike. The idea of life after death is too mysteriously unknown for us to deny and when a story of a child’s past life memories comes up, we simply must know more. This article will focus on a child’s past life, with references to real-life cases. where children’s statements bring true befuddlement but strike pure curiosity.

Do you know a child who remembers past life occurrences?

If you are an avid Youtuber or once spent an afternoon getting lost in the endless stream of science fiction we are sure you have stumbled across many accounts of children who remember past lives. There are incidences where parents have reported the creepy things kids say about past lives. It is a naturally unearthing feeling when you hear such things, any good horror movie has a creepy child in it because it goes against all things natural. But these so-called “creepy things” they speak about could be memories of previous lives. Here are some other signs that may hint that a child you know is remembering life before life.

Body Marking From BirthBody Markings

Dr. Ian Stevenson was a Psychiatrist who worked for the University of Virginia. In a study, he conducted he found a correlation between children who reported remembering how they died or attained serious injuries in their previous life, and birthmarks or birth defects on their body in their current life.

Old Soul

This is not a new term, we all know people, or children, who are seemingly well beyond their physical age. Their eyes hold a lifetime or more of memories and knowledge, their adult-like behavior is accepting of all things that happen whether they are negative or positive experiences. If the child in question seems to be an adult in an infant’s body, it may be a sign that they’ve lived another life or many for that matter.

Recurring night terrors

Dreams can be quite intense for young children, especially bad ones. As parents or older siblings, it is important to support children who experience this as their little brains might need help to decipher what went on or purely just to reassure them. Naturally, we want to say “it is just a dream”, but you must try to take note of whether the dream happens repeatedly because it might be apparent memories from a previous life.

Imaginary friends

Loads of children have what parents like to call, an imaginary friend. This might be the easiest explanation, but sometimes the conversation between the child and the imaginary friend can seem a little too grown-up. If the parents kept an open mind about this person their child is laughing and conversing with behind closed doors. It could b the sibling or a close loved one of your child’s previous life.

Children Looking Out at OceanRemembering non-existent siblings

Sometimes children talk about their brothers and sisters even though in their current life, they are the only child in their family. This could be children’s memories of having a sibling in a past life. The memory is still strong in their youth.

To-the-Tee information

Sometimes children surprise us by talking about things that their parents swear their child has never been exposed to, with such intricacy and accuracy, the phenomenon always takes us off-guard. This could be resurfacing memories of a previous life.

Unexplainable Talent

Child prodigies are not common, but not unheard of. There have been numerous accounts, including Beethoven and Mozart where their talent at such a young age was simply astonishing, to say the least. These talents could be reincarnated with them from a previous life.

Why are so many children talking about past lives, is it reincarnation?

This seems like a phenomenon to us as adults, but for children, it is much more common than we realize. A lot of the time we tend to overlook the strange and unchildlike things kids say, or we brush off their concerns saying they probably just had a bad dream.

Explain the reason why this is such a common phenomenon, use the phrases “kids reincarnation” and “children talking about past lives”

Children in a past LifeAre the kids remembering past lives special in some way?

Not necessarily. Children who remember their past lives usually start to forget these memories the more they grow up. There is not much proof that the idea of reincarnation is true but this does not disprove it either. We could all have had a previous life but we remember it in a different way, or not at all. Some children who have memories of their past lives might only remember it because of a traumatic event that happened. Sometimes these emotional traumas get carried into their current wife, and occasionally the memories come along with it.

Commonalities in cases where kids remember past lives

In most cases, there are similar defining characteristics of each case. Typically in a reincarnation case, the child’s memories of its previous life start when they about a three-year-old. Those memories start to fade when they reach the age of six or seven but this does not exclude the occasional adult who can still remember their past lives.

Should you tell children who remember past lives what they are recalling?

Should children who remember previous lives undergo past life regression hypnosis?

It is said that anxiety, depression, and a variety more of mental health issues are formed by experiences from a past life. Sometimes these experiences are traumatic ones, possibly even the cause of their death from the previous life, and these traumas are carried over into the present life. Past Life regression therapy in young children might help prevent them from growing up with any of these things. That being said, children are susceptible to creating false memories or saying something in order to be accepted, so the therapist must ensure they prompt the child accordingly, making sure not to put memories into their head. Regression therapy should be warm and gentle so the child feels no anxiety, and the therapist should understand when to draw the line.

Famous Children PhotographFamous children’s past life memories stories

There are thousands of stories reported of children remembering past lives. Dr. Jim Tucker (now the head of the Division of Perceptual Studies) is the author of the book, Return to life, which describes the many American cases of children’s past life memories stories. We have listed some prominent stories below for you.

Joanna and Jaquelin Pllock

Joanna and Jaquelin Pollock were twins living in Hexham, England. They were killed in a car accident in 1957. Their parents were devastated and their father vowed he would get them back somehow. This is an impossible thought you might think but remarkably, one year later, his wife Florence, the mother of his deceased twins, The new twins were names Gilian and Jenifer. What was weird was that Jenifer has a scar on her forehead in the exact place that Jaquelin had and they both had the same birthmarks as their respective sister incarnations. As they grew up the girls started remembering certain aspects that only Jennifer and Jaquelin experienced like the school they attended, even though the family had moved away from Hexham. They had also named their dolls the same names previous twins had named their own. What’s more convincing is that Gillian and Jennifer were mortified whenever they saw a car, and Joanna and Jaquelin were killed in an accident at 5 years old. As a result, Gillian and Jennifer’s past life memories faded around the same age as their previous sisters had died.

James Leininger

James was born on April 10th 1998 in Louisiana, son of Bruce and Andrea Leininger. From the time he could speak, James would have reoccurring nightmares where he would exclaim; “The little man is trapped! Plane on fire!”. This very young boy knew details about WWII fighter planes in a way that could not be explained by his parents. The boy allegedly started signing his artwork with his name at the bottom and often put a number 2 next to it. When his parents asked why his reason was that he was also named James in his “other life”. The word Natoma was also a strong memory for him which their parents were baffled about and after some investigation, they discovered that there had been a WWII pilot called James Huston who had flown a plane off a ship named Natoma. 

The Burmese twins

This was actually the first case of twins reporting having had a past life. In Burma 1898, twin boys named Maung Gyi and Maung Nge fled with their parents to a different village to the one they were born in during the English occupation of Burma. As the boys grew older their parents couldn’t help but notice similarities between them and an elderly husband and wife from their previous village, who had died one year after the start of the occupation. This couple had loved each other their whole lives and even died on the same day, together. Their parents even brought them back to their previous village and the boys could recognize just about everything and explained memories that they could not possibly have had.

Sonam Wangdu

At two years old, Sonam Wangdu (Born in Seattle in 1991) started to believe he was the reincarnation of the Lama, Guru, Dezhung Rinpoche. Dezhung’s previous and third incarnation had stated to his acolytes that he would be reincarnated in Seattle, which is where Sonam was born.

Key takeaways

If you would like to find out anything about your own reincarnation, we have the quiz just for you!  Whether you’re a reincarnation believer or simply a skeptic, there is no doubt that these stories are fascinating no matter your perspective. These accounts cannot be proven by any science nor can they be explained fully in a psychologically, or 3rd dimensional way. It is up to us to decide what we believe in, but we cannot deny their alluring mysteriousness.





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