Degrees Of Consciousness


All Humans are existing at various degrees of being. Each of the almost 8 billion different Human Consciousnesses is oscillating at different rates of frequencies and fluctuates those rates faster and slower depending on how they perceive what is occurring in their experience. To use terms such as “higher” or “awake” denotes a ‘better than’ mentality. No being is vibrating at a higher level and all are equal to The One. Even the Other being, Zero, is infinitely more than nothing. All beings are awake and do not need to be awakened. Each will increase their Oscillating Rate of Conscious Frequency when they are ready. All things oscillate at different rates of frequency and nothing is better than anything else. All things exist for a reason and serve a specific function.

As our rate of frequency increases, so does our level of power. This power comes in the form of clarity. Our faster rates of Consciousness perceive more of what is actually occurring for our benefit, as opposed to what we think is really happening to us. The more clear our inner vision, the faster the dissonance resolves. Instead of being confused, we become more peaceful. Any painful experience that occurs to us can disrupt our sense of well-being. If we are patient, the dust will settle and we become clear of vision again. When we choose to remain confused or angry and try to see the light before our field of vision is clear, we are trying to make sense of something without allowing ourselves to receive all of the information. We are only seeing a portion of the story and not viewing the whole picture.

With faster rates of Consciousness comes the expansion of Awareness. If our Consciousness is Who we are, our Awareness is What we are. What we are is Why we are here for everything we perceive is based on How we feel about it. If we feel peaceful, we are naturally inclined to appreciate that occurrence. If we feel joyful, we enjoy that experience. If we are afraid of something, we have a tendency to resist that occurrence from happening, but get angry when the anxious feelings persist. If we pay attention to those disturbing thoughts that pop into our minds and irritating types of emotions and learn something new about ourselves, we become more aware. We don’t have to like this part of the process, but we can at least respect it. As we learn that these types of experiences are very informative, we begin to appreciate these trials. With these tougher and more painful experiences, we become more aware if we accept the information as truthful.

We naturally rejoice when we connect with those who resonate with us consciously. This resonance is felt through vibrations that are Sound. There is a dual meaning in Being Sound. To be Sound is to be peaceful. To be the Sound is to consciously become those Sound frequencies. To become more aware is to allow ourselves to feel Sound. When we resonate with another Being, we become reconnected with each other. We become One with one another. Our frequencies harmonize with others when they are oscillating at a similar rate.

No two things oscillate at the exact same frequency, for every quantum of Energy that has occurred after the first piece of existent material happened, began to exist after that first peace is felt. All other subsequent particles that come into existence can not occupy the same exact point in Space. Even if they come into existence at the same exact moment in Time, due to the convergence of the Spacetime Continuum, there is a perception of partial separation in the frequency. This perception is the illusion of contrast in motion.

The illusion of Reality is meant to gain our attention so that we become more aware of our Consciousness being able to absorb information from more of our senses. We are conditioned to believe only what we see and hear. When we keep an open mind and learn how to access more of the available information that is offered within each occurrence, we become more consciously aware as our Consciousness oscillates at faster rates. Just like we expanded our technology to be able to measure the full spectrum of Electromagnetic Energy, we can tap into our 3 Spiritual Senses (Space, Motion, Time) while harnessing the 5 Basic Senses. When we use more than our Sense of Sight and Sound, we feel more of a complete vision of the information.

All Humans have opportunities to develop these abilities. The only aspect of our being that is required to improve these skills is active Imagination. A beautiful way to assess the level of your Awareness is how peaceful you feel. Remember…you need not assess the feelings, beliefs, or actions of others because you are responsible for only your Consciousness.

You will catch yourself being judgemental when you become irritated, frustrated, angry, or fearful by the actions or words of others. Sometimes we are confused by an occurrence in our Reality. All of these other than peaceful feelings that occur to us happen for a reason. We are given friendly reminders that we are about to become more aware.

Being aware of our feelings has nothing to do with intelligence. I know Human Beings that have Trisomy 21 who are profoundly peaceful, while others who have genius IQs are quite miserable. I contend that any Being who is peaceful, happy, or joyful is oscillating at faster rates of Consciousness. They may not necessarily be able to describe in words just how much they are enjoying life, but express their gratitude by simply laughing and smiling. Any Being who is peaceful will share that Energy freely. Some will give back to the Universe by expressing themselves artistically while others are just happy as they go about their daily lives. Others are very happy to share what they are learning.

Michael W. Evrard

Artist: Unknown


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  1. I found this to be thought provoking, at its very least. Who is this Michael W. Evrard? Has he/she (there are feminine Michael’s!) written anything else?


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