Dazed Military Airmen & Battle With E.T.

After the Project Blue Book was shut down in 1969, the US Air Force took their hands off the UFO investigation. But after the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) was made public in 2017, it was revealed that the US secret agencies had never stopped their research on UFOs. Since the launch of the first Defense satellite in space in the mid-1960s, the US federal government continued to monitor the unidentified objects and collected hard data on them. In the 1970s, one of the shocking UFO incidents happened at the McChord Air Force Base, situated in Pierce County, Washington. This incredible case was disclosed by the alleged former AFOSI (the United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations) agent Robert Collins in 2001.

According to Collins, this particular case came from the files of AFOSI dated in October 1972. He corroborated that all the places, events, and names used in the report were real.

On October 14, 1972, two US military pilots, Airman First Class Steven Briggs and Airman Dennis Hillsgeck were instructed to check the Tactical Air Navigational (TACAN) facility that was located only eight miles (12 kilometers) east of McChord Air Force Base. The facility was controlled and maintained by the US government.

McChord Air Base UFO
McChord Air Base UFO, Washington

McChord Air Force Base is also known for the crash of Air Force C-118 in Bonney Lake, a city in Washington on April 1, 1959. Interestingly, the UFO is blamed for the crash.

At around 1 p.m., the two officers arrived at the facility, opened the high-security fence surrounding the facility, and entered the building. As soon as they went in, the officers began conducting the TACAN equipment’s security checks and pre-assigned system checks.

The officers were conducting the necessary activities when at approximately 2 p.m., Briggs got distracted by the strange sound outside the building. He described the sound as similar to a high-pitch engine. It was really unusual, so he went outside to investigate it and found out that the sound was not from any conventional aircraft but a UFO.

When Briggs was outside the building, he was surprised to see a saucer-shaped object, hovering over the TACAN facility. He continued watching the craft and a moment later, it started descending south of the TACAN compound and landed.

1972 McChord Air Base UFO Encounter
Former USAF officer Robert Collins

As a matter of security, Briggs rushed inside the TACAN building to alert his partner Hillsgeck about the intruders. Both men in an alarming state stepped outside to protect the facility but were stunned to see two humanoid creatures walking towards the fence that surrounded the building.

The situation was already confusing for the airmen and Briggs again went inside the building and called the base security police. He asked them to send the help to the TACAN building as the intruders were about to trespass the facility. Sergeant David Holmes, the Law Enforcement Desk Sergeant, 62nd Security Police Squadron, received his call. He dispatched Sgt Dwight Reid and AIC Michael Tash to aid Briggs and Hillsgeck.

The security police patrol arrived at the scene in 17 minutes, but they did not see any craft. They found both airmen bewildered, standing near their vehicle. They could not speak, and a burnt mark on Hillsgeck’s face concerned Sgt Reid who immediately called for an Air Force ambulance.

Meanwhile, AIC Tash checked the building surroundings and was startled to discover strange marks on the soil, which seemed to be soft probably because of a UFO landing. Suddenly, he heard Reid, yelling at him to look up as an object was directly above him. They found the saucer-shaped object above the facility that Briggs and Hillsgeck had seen. Sgt Reid attempted to contact the security police law enforcement office through his portable radio. However, the radio did not work.

Reid and Tash quickly retrieved both dazed airmen and left the scene. After driving some distance from the TACAN facility, they were able to communicate with the security police office and request them to urgently send assistance.

Now, the four security policemen came to the scene, including Sgt Darren Alexander along with his military dog (Champ). As the search began, Champ alerted the whole police unit as he found something suspicious at approximately 400 yards south of the TACAN site.

Surprisingly, Alexander saw two humanoid creatures near a remote power station holding. He asked them to stand still and raise their hands. Instead, the creatures moved towards Alexander, and he noticed that one of them was holding something that looked like a weapon.

In his defense, Alexander fired 6 rounds of shots from his Model 15, .38 Caliber Revolver. After that, he returned to his vehicle, radioed Sgt Reid, and told him that he had fired at the creatures. He was not sure if he had really hit the creatures and asked for further backup.

Then, another team arrived. They searched the area and found a saucer-shaped object, standing on the ground. They surrounded the object and called their supervisor Captain Henry Stone. When Cpt. Stone arrived, the object suddenly ascended, flew away in an easterly direction, and disappeared in few seconds.

A Security Alert Team (similar to a police SWAT) arrived. They searched the area and observed the saucer-shaped object standing on the ground, directly east of the power station. They circled the object and called for a supervisor.

According to Collins’ report, officials from the special investigations department investigated the case. They took the witnesses’ statements and collected evidence including shell casings from the rounds fired by Sgt Alexander. He said the incident was classified as Top Secret and remained in the AFOSI files as unsolved.





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