DARK ENCOUNTER Official Trailer (2019)

Dark Enc ounters Poster
Dark Enc ounters Poster
dark Encounter truck malfuntion
dark Encounter truck malfuntion

Starring Laura Fraser, Sid Phoenix, Spike White, Mel Raido, Grant Masters, Alice Lowe

Written by Carl Strathie

Directed by Carl Strathi

A year after the mysterious disappearance of their 8 year-old daughter, grieving Olivia and Ray return home with friends and family from her memorial service in their small town. Suddenly strange lights appear in the nearby forest and everyone is exposed to inexplicable phenomena shaking them all to the core. The origin of these weird incidents seems to be visitors from another world intent on terrorising the family. But what they don’t realize is that these visitors will eventually lead them to an unexpectedly dark and disturbing truth – one destined to impact on their lives forever.

They have  always been here and now more and more movies are coming out having to do with the topic. All soft disclosure  WE ARE THE DISCLOSURE !!!  ~~~WE HAVE NEVER BEEN ALONE !!!,  Another popcorn and Movie night at home during Quarantine Enjoy!

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