Dan Sherman claimed that he was appointed to communicate telepathically with extraterrestrials while serving as the United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Dan Sherman

Author of “Above Black: Project Preserve Destiny,” Dan Sherman claimed that he was appointed to communicate telepathically with extraterrestrials while serving as the United States Air Force Staff Sergeant.

Dan Sherman: The USAF Sergeant Who Was Hired To Communicate With Extraterrestrials

Dan Sherman stated that he was hired as an Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) analyst and participated as an empath in the PPD program to speak with aliens and relay their communications to the National Security Agency (NSA).

Sherman was enlisted in the US Air Force in 1982. He describes how, during his time in Korea, one of his friends who was a pilot pushed him to join the Electronic Intelligence (ELINT). After completing his basic ELINT training at Goodfellow Air Force Base in Texas, he was sent to the NSA Headquarters in Fort Meade in 1992.

He was given the Air Force Commendation Medal, the Air Force Achievement Medal, and was recognized for heroism during his twelve years of military duty. Additionally, he was presented with the Outstanding Unit Award and recognized for his efforts during the Persian Gulf War.

Sherman said upon his arrival at the NSA, his Air Force Captain informed him that his mother had been subjected to genetic alteration following an alien visit in 1960.

Dan Sherman: The USAF Sergeant Who Was Hired To Communicate With Extraterrestrials

With reference to the above-attached certificate, Dan Sherman stated that:

“This is a graduation certificate I was awarded for completing Course EA-280. At the same time, I was going to school at night to learn how to utilize my intuitive communications abilities abilities. There was no certificate for that course.”

He continued by describing how his Captain informed him that while his mother was pregnant with him, extraterrestrials implanted her with an implant that would enable him to communicate with them via “intuitive communications.” Additionally, he alleges that his Captain informed him that the US government had been in communication with an alien race known as the Zetas, more often referred to today as the “grey aliens,” since 1947, the year of the Roswell UFO incident.

Sherman was sent to his first station, the van in an unidentified location, following completion of his basic training at the NSA. It is quite likely that the van was an Army Electronic Processing and Dissemination System (EPDS) vehicle. Sherman claims to have been given two drugs and then educated on how to manipulate waves on electronic screens just with his mind.

Once proficient, he describes how he was given fresh orders and assigned to work on Project Preserve Destiny or PPD. His mission was to intercept telepathic signals from alien creatures and insert them into a computer terminal that would convey the information to the National Security Agency’s headquarters.

He alleges that over a ten-month period, he got over 75 messages from a male extraterrestrial communicator he referred to as “Bones.”

Sherman stated that prior to his conversation with Bones, he had been in contact with a grey alien whom he dubbed “Spock.” Sherman claims that one day during a communication session, he gained a new “plane,” ending his talk with Spock. After months of unsuccessful attempts to reestablish touch with Spock, he was transferred to a new PPD base, where he began speaking with Bones.

Sherman regarded Bones as considerably more forthcoming and communicative than Sherman. He stated that Bones explained to him how the alien race he was speaking with had visited Earth throughout human history and had made significant contributions to various civilizations’ scientific and technological advancements, stating that aliens had genetically influenced humans long before the modern era as we know it.

According to Sherman, Bones informed him that the Universe is home to an enormous variety of alien cultures and that extraterrestrial visitors acknowledge the existence of a God as well as souls. Additionally, Bones informed him that numerous countries had been pursuing similar communication operations with the grey aliens, not just the United States.

“During our communications, I attempted to bring up the subject of other nations and their involvement. I cannot remember the exact moment I came to this realization but my impression over time was that there were other nations involved as well. I’m not sure the criteria for this involvement but my thoughts are that the nations involved are close allies of the US. Australia, UK, Canada, and perhaps Japan in a limited way. I also believe this based on other information I know not directly related to PPD but crucial to the overall picture nonetheless.”

Dan Sherman

While speaking with Bones about PPD, the Grey unexpectedly ceased communication, and shortly thereafter, the nature of the Air Force’s “communications” with the Greys shifted. He eventually began receiving what he refers to as “abduction data,” which includes dates and geographic coordinates.

“From my experiences, I would trust my alien contact more than the human commanders I was assigned. When I communicated with my alien contacts, I could sense no dishonesty or distrust. I have no fear of them whatsoever. However, are there other species hanging around that we should not trust? This I don’t know. I don’t believe there are terrestrial-based aliens present, no,”

Dan Sherman

Sherman’s claim of working on a deep black NSA project concealed within a less secret NSA project was verified by the leaked NSA document “Sentry Eagle,” which Edward Snowden disclosed in 2013. Dan Sherman went public with his 1998 book, Electronic Intelligence Expert, after officially retiring from the USAF and concluding his classified work with the NSA. The book detailed his training and employment with the NSA as an electronic intelligence specialist.




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  2. Hello! I believe the story of what is posted however I’am having trouble accepting the ET’s claim of a soul or god.I would be suspicous of the Grey ET’s intell and of other beings throughout the universe who has or maintains this imaginary belief.If the military is only interested in god or soul believing ET’s than the motives of the NSA can’t be trusted not to mention there god or soul believing ET nonsense.The ET is obviously being interrogated like a human prisoner and I’am sure some of his story is true however as far as the god believing or soul believing parts he is obviously telling the NSA through the human contact what he wants them to hear in order to be free from their influence.The parts about being in contact with our military since the Roswell Crash have some definite weight about it and according to the disputed bible as far as the Elohim goes it goes all the way back in time when we were first created in a lab by our ET creators the Elohim!


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