Coherent Thought Sequencing

Do you want to know how to let ETs know how to contact you? In this video we show you, step by step, what and how to visualize the directions to your location and send out the invite.

Please note that we give the example of zooming in on Earth’s crown chakra point, Mount Shasta. Please be sure to visualize your continent, country, state, city, and direct location. If you do not know what your location looks like, you can use Google Maps or Google Earth to get a great visual.

If you know of a future date AND location you will be at, you can send out telepathic “save the dates” so to speak, using the thought sequencing of where you will be, on what day and either day or night. ETs have schedules, too!

Coherent Thought Sequencing

The non-linear nature of consciousness makes it possible to view distant places and times without moving anywhere. The military and the CIA have had an interest in this phenomenon for years, and refer to the practice as remote viewing.This same phenomenon has proven extraordinarily useful for initiating contact with E.T. beings. CSETI has developed a specific technique of remote viewing referred to as Coherent Thought Sequencing (CTS). This technique involves entering a state of heightened consciousness through meditation, and then projecting images with your mind to show any nearby E.T. visitors exactly where you are located on the Earth. Several of the guided meditations included in these working group materials provide a walkthrough of this technique, and are extremely useful for use during contact work. A good one to start with is the Coherent Thought Sequencing (CTS) meditation, which begins with a lecture on CTS, followed by a guided meditation.

Start by projecting an image of yourself from hundreds of feet above your location. Then, travel up to several miles above your location. Appreciate what the landscape would look like, and any city lights that a visitor would see from that height. Continue to rise higher and higher, projecting images of what you would see if you were at the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere, still looking down on your location. Then, as if you were well above the Earth looking down onto it. Then travel to the outer parts of the solar system, then outside the galaxy, always looking back towards the Earth in our spiral arm of the Milky Way. Then go far into deep space, looking at the Milky Way from a distance.

Then reverse the process, projecting what you would see from your location in deep space, then at the edge of the Milky way, then at the edge of the solar-system, then outside the Earth’s atmosphere, and finally zoom down to your precise location on the Earth. Project the thought that you would like any E.T.’s who pick up on these thoughts to come visit your location, and manifest in whatever way is safe and appropriate for them.

This sequence of thoughts and images projected using your consciousness can be used to vector in E.T. craft. Be patient- this technique has proven successful on hundreds of occasions, but there are also countless reasons why it may be unsafe for visitors to manifest physically. They will also do so only if they feel you are truly ready and are not projecting fear

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