CHINA’S White Pyramid May Hold Secrets Of Alien Civilization

The world had not heard about the existence of the enormous 1000-feet tall “White Pyramid” of China until it was first spotted in 1912. Situated 62 miles (100 km) outside of Xi’an, the ancient capital of Shaanxi Province in central China, the jewel-capped white pyramid could overshadow Giza pyramids. It has been reported that the pyramid is strictly guarded by the military to protect it from intruders or being probed.

Surrounded by dozens of spectacular pyramid mounds, the white pyramid remained a mystery for western archeologists as they are rarely permitted. It is said that the site has been deliberately covered with plantations to keep its secrets under wraps.

The impressive pyramid has a history of thousands of years, and it is nearly twice as large as the Great Pyramid of Egypt. It is reported that the first sighting of the white pyramid dates back to a century ago. The diary of the American travel agent and trader Fred Meyer Schroder revealed that he spotted the giant pyramid surrounded by a number of smaller pyramids while taking a walk with his Mongolian guide in Shaanxi Province in 1912. Not only he dealt in tobacco and candles but also supplied the Mongolians with weapons.

white pyramid mystery
One of the rarest pictures of pyramids in the Xi’an Valley.

Schroder estimated that the great white pyramid was at least 1000 feet tall and half a mile wide. He speculated that such dimensions would make it larger and wider than the Great Pyramid in Egpyt. His guide told him that these pyramids are at least 5000 years old and he knew that seven were discovered. They are mentioned in local legends, and ancient monastic documents contain information about them.


A German Jesuit scholar named Athanasius Kircher wrote about the Chinese White Pyramid in his book “China Illustrata,” which was published in 1667. Three decades later after Schroder’s visit to Shaanxi, the pyramid was spotted for the second time by U.S. Army Air Corps pilot James Gaussman in 1945. According to him, Gaussman saw a huge white pyramid, southwest of Xi’an while flying over Asia. Moreover, in the same valley near the city of Xi’an, he saw dozens of other smaller pyramids.

He wrote:

I flew around a mountain and then we came to a valley. Directly below us was a gigantic white pyramid. It looked as if it were from a fairy tale. The pyramid was draped in shimmering white.

It could have been metal, or some other form of stone. It was white on all sides. What was most curious about it was its capstone: a large piece of precious gem-like material. I was deeply moved by the colossal size of the thing

.”The jewel-capped pyramid was seen for the third time in 1947 by Colonel Maurice Sheahan, a Far Eastern director of Trans World Airlines while flying over the valley. His story was published in the New York Times on March 28, 1947. Just two days after his report, the newspaper published a photograph of the flat-topped pyramid, similar to the Aztec pyramids that was supposedly attributed to pilot Gaussmann. Meanwhile, Chinese archaeologists were denying that such a pyramid existed.

china mysterious pyramid
Photograph published in New York Times, May 30 1947, supposedly taken by James Gaussman

In the 1990s, German author and investigator Hartwig Hausdorf searched for the massive white pyramid as was seen in the photographs of Gaussman. Though he could not trace it, he saw a strict guard in the area, finding the Chinese military patrolling the area. He wrote a book titled “The White Pyramid (1994),” where he described his experience while searching for the legendary white pyramid. He also discussed the other structures in the area.

At the beginning of the 21st century, Chinese officials declared to have found 400 pyramids near Xi’an, but there was nothing about the White Pyramid. They found mausoleums shaped more like Mesoamerican pyramids, differing from those in Egypt, as they are flat-topped and covered with vegetation.

While inspecting the area with modern technology, researchers were stunned to notice that the alignment of mausoleums is believed to be astronomical in nature. Computer analysis showed that the layout coincides with the Gemini constellation as it would’ve been positioned on the spring equinox in 10,500 BC.

These mausoleums were identified as the burial mounds that lay ancient members of China’s royal class, who intended to rest for eternity undisturbed. Most of the pyramids are hard to find and mounds were abundantly overgrown with bushes and trees.

The Chinese government has made official statements that they are restricting tourists’ access to the ancient pyramids solely because of the risk of damage to structures and artifacts. And only for this reason they do not allow even archaeologists and historians to visit the pyramids.

Conspiracy theorists believe that the extreme secrecy of the Chinese pyramids can be explained by only one thing: something very unusual is hidden there. Is it possible that the mystery of the White Pyramid somehow links with ancient astronaut theory supported by Erich von Däniken?




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