California UFO Crash/Retrievals

Feb 21, 2021

When people think of UFO crashes, the Roswell UFO Incident is usually the first to be mentioned. But the truth is, the Roswell UFO crash is only one of hundreds of similar cases involving UFO crash/retrievals. California alone has at least a dozen documented accounts of UFOs that have crashed and been retrieved (and sometimes reverse-engineered) by the United States military. Several military bases across California have allegedly been involved in UFO crash/retrievals including Edwards Air Force Base, Camp Pendleton, Sunnyvale Naval Air Station, Norton Air Force Base and more. What does our government know, and why are they hiding the truth? If California has more than a dozen cases, how many cases are there? The time for disclosure is now. If the US government truly has obtained UFOs and alien bodies, they should disclose the truth. This video provides a little glimpse into the history of UFO crash/retrievals in California. More than likely, this is only the tip of iceberg. If you would like to explore more about California UFO crash/retrievals, check out “UFOs over California: A True History of Extraterrestrial Encounters in the Golden State.”

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