Austria 11 02 15 ~ Did a UFO visit Aggsbach Valley?

Austria’s Vienna Woods is perhaps not the first place one would think of when contemplating UFO sightings. However, the extensive woodland boasts at least two significant such events. One of which we have examined before – the case of “Bobby” who traveled to the region after receiving strange telepathic messages to do so in October 1962. Once there, he would not only witness a saucer-shaped craft but interact with the craft’s occupants.

A depiction of a UFO at night over woodland

Did a UFO visit Aggsbach Valley?

Ten years later, while not involving any form of communication, another sighting of a similar disc-shaped object occurred, which we will examine shortly. Should this region of Austria receive a little more attention from those in UFO circles? Perhaps the elevation of the land or the fact it is surrounded by four major stretches of water makes it appealing for those behind these strange and otherworldly crafts. If so, perhaps that is why sightings of UFOs in Austria, as we will also look at shortly, appear to have increased dramatically in recent years.

Before we go back to the early seventies and the strange incident in the Aggsbach Valley, check out the short video below. It features one of the many recent UFO sightings over Austrian skies. This particular footage comes from 2015.

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