California Lake Monsters and Sea Serpents

May 16, 2021
Do you believe that there are unknown creatures lurking in the depths of our lakes and oceans? The answer of course is, yes! Mainstream science discovers new species each year. And yet, some creatures still remain very elusive. Among these are lake monsters and sea serpents. Lakes and oceans across the United States and the world contain mysterious creatures that have yet to be identified by scientists. And the state of California is filled with them. California alone has several lakes which have produced many reports of strange lake monsters. And you may be surprised to hear that the California coast is one of the leading producers of sea serpent reports in the world. These reports have been occurring for more than 100 years and yet, nobody knows what they are! This video presents the baffling but true stories of several lakes in California which are believed to contain strange creatures. Lizzie of Lake Elizabeth, Elsie of Lake Elsinore, Hodgee of Lake Hodges, Tessie of Lake Tahoe…and more! Most startling are the dozens of reports of giant sea serpents up and down the California coast. Many of these reports are extremely well-verified, coming from highly credible witnesses who have put their sterling reputations on the line by coming forward with their own eyewitness accounts. What do these creatures look like? How big are they? How often are they seen? The answers might surprise you. One thing seems certain, very large creatures exist on our planet that have yet to be discovered and identified. High strangeness is at your fingertips. Are you ready to have your own encounter with the unknown? If you would like to explore more about lake monsters, sea serpents and other strange mysteries in California, check out “Supernatural California: A Golden State Guide.” Your adventure is waiting!…


Wonderful YouTube post by Preston Dennett I hope you enjoy, he will have many more!
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