Best Flying Saucer Video ~ Taped By Military Witness

Michael Salla’s  long time contact JP has sent him a compelling video of an antigravity craft JP has personally witnessed and recorded on the night of February 6, 2021. The video shows a flying saucer shaped craft flying over North Carolina. JP is currently serving with a branch of the United States military, and wishes to maintain his invisibility for personal and professional reasons.

Michael Salla, Ph.D. has known JP since 2008 when JP first contacted Michael about an Extraterrestrial encounter he had in Brazil. JP has over the subsequent years supplied Michael with many photographs and videos of different shaped antigravity craft and encounters with their occupants. These include both Extraterrestrial Entities and Military personnel, including Air Force Special Operations.

The flying saucer craft JP videotaped on Feb 6 is very similar to one that JP witnessed on May 24, 2018, which landed near JP’s home in Orlando, Florida. The Nordic looking Extraterrestrial occupant offered JP a ride which he declined. He wore an Air Force uniform and said his group was working with the USAF. JP also took a photo of the departing flying saucer.



JP believes that the same Nordic group wanted to let him know that they are ready to make contact again, and are aware of his current position with the United States military.

All photos and videos sent to Michael Salla by JP are originals and have not be altered in any way. Enhancements are provided in addition to the original to provide clarity on what is being witnessed. The photos and videos are factual evidence of other worldly contact and of secret space programs operating on Earth using antigravity technologies.



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