Before, During and After: A UFO in the Clouds

May 3, 2021
No less than ninety-nine percent of UFO/Alien encounters are one-off incidents, almost invariably fleeting and unexpected in duration and absent in background, intentions or destinations. Lacking content, a supporting narrative or cast, each snippet is seen and gone and as there is no reason to remember or reflect, the effect is never-lasting. Not this time around, what we will present is partially non-terrestrial and completely without precedent in effects. It was our expectation that what actually happened at Uluru when sacred ceremony was held on December 21, along with an assortment of lead-up incidents, could never be proven to the satisfaction of any critic or scientist. Much to our surprise that common-sense expectation was so wrong, the quantity and quality of supporting tangible evidence proving that the big red rock was energized is comprehensive. This joint human and alien venture has culminated in the changing of everything on this planet, beginning now. And the best part of what is now available is that we can prove that what was prepared and positioned so long ago at Uluru, did actually happen.
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