Ascension Teaching

Taking Responsibility as We Ascend

It is with Saturn that we learn that every thought, word and action has an impact and an outcome, and it depends on our main intention that this outcome will benefit All or not at all.

If what we created while we still dwelt in an unconscious state of being, still accompanies us in some way, hurts us and does not let us live, then we need to take full responsibility, and find a way to heal ourselves by first understanding that we did the best we could, from the level of consciousness that we had at that time.

We are at a time when taking responsibility for our actions as well as personal healing process, is pivotal. In the moment we chose to evolve, stepping into a conscious journey, it is our duty to take responsibility for who we are and for all we have created.

Our body is our sacred vehicle, it is the Divine conduit for us to be able to have a human experience and provide us with the protection required for us to grow and ascend, while we are in the physical.

There is no way back when we begin on this evolutionary journey. There is no more blaming others or outer circumstances for what we are experiencing now, as we know that even though we may pretend that it has not been our own creation, everything that we are experiencing is what we have given birth.

If on the contrary, we are already conscious, then we will have to understand why we have created an outcome or situation that is not yet aligned with who we are now.

Mastery takes time and inner work, for working with all kinds of energies, ourselves, and above all, the ego, is one of the hardest things to do. Therefore, we need to be compassionate with ourselves, remembering that we are never judged and that we all have our own time to learn how to create results that are harmless.

Many times, we still carry within old energies that continue creating in our present reality undesired outcomes. Other times, it is an unconscious pattern that we need to bring into the surface and dissolve. Being conscious indeed does it all.

However, sometimes being aware is the most difficult thing and we need assistance to find out what we, covered by our own delusions, are not able to see.

In the moment that we stop blaming others, it is that we are finally able to search for the seed of our actions, the original wound, realizing where the pain is located, so we can deal with it.

However, it is when we deny our responsibility that we cannot heal what damages us, for we are putting, the power and hence the solution in others rather than within ourselves.

It is time for all to begin working differently, moving from self-blame and shame to conscious creation, seeing where we simply lack in self-mastery and beginning to create, again, in the best way that we know now, as it is by continuing moving forward in our personal evolution that we learn to work with ourselves, energies, obtaining the desired outcomes.

Vulnerability is our strength, never our shame. If we open our hearts to all experiences, embracing them as unique and wonderful opportunities to integrate more love and mastery, we will finally step from victimhood to empowerment, which is the first step towards sovereignty.

In this endless evolutionary journey, we all need to work on being more compassionate and kinder towards ourselves, for if there is not a God who punishes or judges us, why would we do it to ourselves? Why would we spend most of our precious human lifetimes blaming and beating ourselves up for past actions?

There is no need for us to continue believing in the old programs of blame and punishment that were once implanted upon all of us.

The moment for us to clear them and see our beauty, as well as innocence, has come, for only by seeing ourselves as compassionate lovelight beings remembering in a human plane who we really are, is that we could move into a wider perspective of our own human experience, and begin to take responsibility to heal, dissolve or transform what is in need of, without any blame or shame, but with great respect and gratitude for all we have learnt, moving forward into what will be our next adventure.

You all have the power to choose differently, at every single second.

What will you choose next?

Will you choose to be an empowered sovereign being?

Or will you choose to allow others to create your own reality?

Within Infinite Love,

Natalia Alba

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