Be The Soul That You Are Already


Life, dear ones, is the breath in each moment for without the breath there is no life. Yet one forgets how simple life is and the ego mind in its free will wishes to make life complicated to prove its existence and confirm its purpose.

Yet, beloved hearts, life is simple. It is to breathe from one breath to the next. This is life.

When the ego accepts this then peace comes into the heart and mind of your being and you let go all attachments to proving who and what you are and no longer need to affirm yourself over and over again in the ego’s creation. When this occurs, the soul is ready to listen to the breath of God.

Yet until this time the soul cannot hear the breath of God because the voice of the ego is so loud and demanding. It calls incessantly for the soul to create and do all it needs to feel fulfilled and alive.

The ego constantly wishes to affirm itself by creating its own plan. It has no understanding of the divine plan that is already present and embodied within its soul, for the ego-self is relentless in its striving to BE.

Yet in truth the ego is so busy trying to BE something it cannot acknowledge that it is already.

When the ego-self chooses to stop and surrender to the divine self then there is much that is accomplished in the silence of the ego voice. The mind is no longer so busy because it is no longer guided by the desires and wants of the ego. It becomes still and silent.

In this stillness and silence the will of the divine may be heard by your soul and no longer blocked by the demands of the ego screaming to be heard and obeyed. The mind in its stillness becomes open to receive new consciousness and allows this new consciousness to guide it on a different path to that which the ego-self has previously demanded.

The ego-self will eventually become silent and still also when it feels safe to do so and no longer separate from its Source consciousness.

For so long the ego-self feels alone and threatened by all that is around it in the physical planes of existence and cannot feel safe, so it sits in its fear and has many demands to build up its barriers and walls to defend itself from all that is around it.

As it does this it also builds up barriers and walls that separate it from all that it needs to nourish it and support it from the heart of Source. For it becomes separate to the heart of Source by its own creations and this in turn creates yet more fear.

This is a cycle the ego-self continuously creates as it grows and develops in the human form of matter learning of its free will and learning of all that it creates from its free will.

This may become many circular cycles for the soul to experience before it opens itself to accept this learning that the ego brings to it through its fear and demands.

As the soul begins to open and feel safe and the ego quietens its calling then the presence of Source comes to the soul and there is calm and peace, for this is what the presence of the divine brings to all soul hearts when it is allowed to be present.

As this occurs then the soul finds that there is peace and calm in life again and there is a deep connection to the Source of all that is.

The soul is fulfilled and nurtured and has no need to prove itself or strive to be that which it is not. It opens to that which it is and accepts this and begins to walk the path of service that the soul’s divine plan has decreed from its beginnings. Then the soul is free to be the soul once more. Blessed be.

In’Easa Mabu Ishtar

Artist Nisachar



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