Are you real or am I dreaming?

Nancy trying to touch the Grey Being
Nancy trying to touch the Grey Being

During my mid-to-late twenties, I started probing for answers during my experiences and wanted some verification and validation of the events I was experiencing. During one such experience back then, I woke up in a spaceship and was dressed in a camouflage suit. While looking around I saw The Grey Being and decided I wanted to touch him. He backed quickly away from me; either he felt I was being aggressive or it was to let me know that it was not acceptable without his permission. At that point, other beings appeared and placed me in a chair and then I blacked out. I awoke the next morning in my bed. I kept telling myself back then that I needed some evidence to bring back with me. But I had no luck with that at the time. I have had very many experiences since then and have learned much more from them about what they want, their mission, and mine. But there is always much more to learn. With their help and my eagerness to learn hopefully will be so much more fulfilling.

Thank You,

Nancy Thames

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