Are Extraterrestrials Million Year Old Immortal Robots?

If we haven’t yet encountered extraterrestrials and are still on the lookout for them, our first encounter with aliens could be terrifying.

So, if you picture aliens as small humanoid beings with long, huge heads and almond-shaped eyes who have a strange obsession with “probing” people’s wanderings, you’ll be disappointed.

“Alien Minds” is the title of a new study.

Professor Susan Schneider of the University of Connecticut and Princeton’s Institute of Advanced Studies discusses a theory for the first contact with extraterrestrial career robotics: the extraterrestrial being billions of years old.

According to the Daily Galaxy, a robot that is so old that it is difficult to pant. Professor Schneider believes that an alien AI could already exist in the universe and that it will most likely exist in billions of years.

“I don’t believe the most advanced alien civilizations will be biological; I believe the most sophisticated civilizations will be post-biological intelligence, artificial intelligence, or alien superintelligence,” Schneider says.

“Other civilizations may be much older than us,” he said, “but Earthlings are galactic babies.” Dr. Schneider believed in an “alien civilizations’ older age.”

According to a report by the Daily Galaxy,

“All lines of evidence point to the conclusion that the maximum age of extraterrestrial intelligence would be billions of years, specifically between 1.7 billion and 8 billion years,” Professor Schneider said.

Climbing the machines would mean that silicon-based life forms could withstand harsher and more dangerous conditions than carbon-based life forms, implying that your civilization could last much longer.

According to Dr. Schneider, there are numerous advantages to being silicon-based.

“For example, it is easier to survive space travel because there is enormous computing power available and no physical limitations such as the skull, and a machine could theoretically achieve super intelligence faster than a human being,” he said.

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