Are aliens a threat to traditional religion?




The first episode of the “Ancient Aliens” cable-TV series promised to show that the growth of intelligent life on this planet had help that came from the stars.

The Prometheus Entertainment summary in 2010 asked: “If ancient aliens visited Earth, what was their legacy, and did they leave behind clues” that still exist?

The bigger question, nearly 200 episodes later, is whether aliens provided the building blocks of life itself. That’s the kind of subject – both theological and scientific – that surfaces whenever there are debates about whether extraterrestrial life exists.

It’s one thing for a recent U.S. national intelligence report – “Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena”– to discuss incomplete technical data and the possibility of hostile spy drones. It was something else to say that experts had no scientific explanations for 140-plus reported “UAP” episodes.

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1 thought on “Are aliens a threat to traditional religion?”

  1. Hello! In this whole debate over whether ET’s are a threat to religion there is no mention of the Raelian message given by our ET creators the Elohim! Let us state here for the record that the uneducated in relation to science and technology created the world’s religions.That by adding the supernatural and all things spiritual explained for the unevolved the meaning of the world’s belief’s were put into place. If the people of the world had a better understanding of science and technology than there would be no need to create divison between these so-called mystical belief’s.All the prophets of the Elohim and unintentioned creation of old religious belief’s would be revealed in its true form from the eternal life planet.That there is no god or soul and that science and technology can explain the so-called miracles as acts of advance technology not know to humanity at that time or in the present moment for that matter.With today’s modern special effects technology we can create anything spiritual or mystical in nature deemed a so called miracles in the so-called holy books.I’am not sure the people who believe in a soul or a god would want the second coming of their prophet’s religion to be discussing or revealing the true nature of his words.He would probably say,”I came from another planet a so-called paradise mentioned in the holy book but not a after life but a planet called the eternal life planet.There all my needs to continue living were provided free of charge by our creators the Elohim and also human cloning technology helped me have eternal life.It was than that I realized there was no soul or god just advance science and technology I wasn’t aware of up until the point where I was brought back to life thanks to this technology.So in closing are special effects technology and our collective advances will disprove of all the miracles and so called spiritual nature of all things related to a god or soul that never existed or will exist in the foreseeable future!


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