Archangel Michael – You Want To Understand


For today’s lesson, we wish to imply of great importance, that Mother Earth is walking through the most expansive moment of her being. What we want to reiterate is she needs the people that reside on her back to evolve.

If you want anything for yourself you need to begin understanding that the time for upgrades to your thought process would be best done within this year. Our forces are working with Mother Earth to unearth new satellites that can prepare your bodies. If you want to sleep know that we guide you to do so. When you are sleeping watch the time. Was that a long sleep or a relatively quick one? Did you want to go back to sleep? It makes a difference. Because what is happening in your body is undergoing massive realignment. If you feel exhausted why don’t you stay to a routine? No need to do an abundant amount of things. Do your normal days. When you take on these extra activities your body will need additional fuel. We are using up the average fuel at this time. So if you feel like just staying home you are experiencing what you need. If you want to explore you may, but bring along extra nourishment, as your body is so short of vitamins and fuel. What is happening is we have taken the energy of the sun and fortified it with consciousness. Staying indoors will not be advised for reaching your desired experience. Trust that you have many open energy centers residing within your body. That the energy can use a universal understanding. If you want more of our rays we need all the eager beings to embark on a brilliant way to have everything designed. We ask that you in turn tell yourself, “I am OK. I am experiencing more light. I am taking on my powers. I am upgrading my future.” You will feel like you may want more of us. So see where we can trace a light heart in your design. What do you want to lay in front of you, walk the path of excitement? If you need to, sit down take a pause, rest, gain strength. Know that the road is not going anywhere. You can go at your own pace. You will have our guidance on the journey.

My best friends I want to take you to the world that only you can create. With our support, we will guide you into an everlasting true peace. In the next days as you take on more light tell yourself, “This is the time, I have waited for this time, we are here.” Be excited as you go to uncover your next wishes. If you want you can say, “I am the light, I radiate light.” We will see you glowing. You raise Earth’s vibration. Declare your light-filled body, to be of pure love. “I am of pure light and love, I am one.” We will energize you. You will receive your next steps after you read this. Watch for what shows up in your life. We are placing in your path beings that want to help us in our very unique endeavor. My dearest participants of the great awakening you will see that you are propelled to energize your families. You need our expertise. Trust yourselves when you have an answer, that we guided you. Don’t fall back to doubt. Stay in your heart and pray. Prayers come through the heart.

My blessings to each of you, my love always. The angels and guides will be there when you ask for them. I direct their powers in your effort, to be all there for your needs. No longer can we watch, too much is up for change. So you better understand our role with the consciousness coming up to your point of preparedness. The energy of our work will propel you. It is true we can move this plan, to bring you up with the people that benefit your evolvement. Good night, I will send all of you high beings to help you. Peace, good night, me.

Channeled by Krista
*I (Krista) received a follow-up message to the above words… That this message is packed full of energy. If you become drowsy it is for a good reason, much light is being filled in your body. For it is in your best good. (I felt the sleepiness myself!)

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