Another Intriguing Case In A Constantly Growing Pool Of UFO Mystery

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First Published: August 3, 2019 Last updated: September 7th, 2020 Written by: Marcus Lowth

By definition, investigators into strange activity and phenomena will follow up each case diligently. However, we should ask if there is any apparent knowledge of an alien interest in the vegetation. As well as the water supplies of the planet. Or if certain agencies can retrieve valuable data about such close-contact encounters. Discreetly and right under the noses of more independent investigators. After all, most in UFO circles agree that disinformation is almost a necessary evil. And something that no one is completely immune to.

And, perhaps of most importance, what might the end goal of such an interest be? Are there experiments taking place somewhere in Earth’s orbit by an extraterrestrial race? Using samples collected during these secretive missions to the planet’s surface? Is the planet slowly losing its assets due to these visitors? Or are these sightings and encounters really the result of top-secret shadow government experiments? Ones more than happy to hide behind the guise of UFO sightings?

There are, for example, much like many other parts of Europe, ample American military facilities in France. Given their history in such UFO matters, this is a detail that we need to at least be aware of. And what if the Amarantes Incident, like the others we have looked at are the result of secret military experiments? What would might the purpose and ultimate goal of such tests be?

Whatever the legitimacy of those questions, the Amarantes Incident remains one of the most mysterious UFO encounters on record. It might yet prove to be an encounter, that might have much more to reveal.

Check out the video below. It looks at the arguments as to just what the reasons may be for UFO sightings and visitations.

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